• dear guy that does not live next door

    by  • January 10, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    Why do you battle me while hiding? Then deny the truth.

    Why battle me at all?

    It’s not a clean fight if both are not present.

    Ps…i know the guys beside me through a friend. My rant was not about you. If you want to talk or battle…do that. I’ve always been around. Problem is..you didn’t then and you broke contact. It’s not my fault you have to do the footwork to find me now.

    You always said i wouldn’t let you win or allow you to step up. I guess now you have your wish. Only now it’s a bit challenging.

    Stop being the smartass guy i love because the sweet guy is way better when he doesn’t hide.

    that wiseass

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