• Tired of the Seesaw Feelings

    by  • December 1, 2013 • Heartbreak • 2 Comments

    Dear C,

    I care about you, and I know you care about me too, but it’s not in the same way. And I think we both know that. We’ve been going back and forth with our feelings for each other since freshman year. It’s been confusing as hell for both of us. But I’m more than certain how I feel about you now. Only, you’ve got someone else to call your own.

    This is the same girl who broke up with you over text message, her reasoning because you’re going away to college next year. The same girl who made you cry so hard for three hours you couldn’t even see straight. And you’re with her again.

    I really just want to say “fuck it,” and move on. Why can’t it be that simple? Because I think I love you. You’re one of my best friends too, so it’s not like I can just cut you out of my life and be done with it. And knowing her, she’s probably going to do something like that again to you. Simply because she can. And you’ll come crawling back to me, crying and hating yourself. I hate to see you like that.

    I want you to be happy. I guess even if it’s not going to be with me. But if it was, as pathetic as it may sound given all that you’ve put me through emotionally, I’ll be waiting with open arms. Because you have a special place in my heart. And I want to believe that we could make this work out someday.

    Please be careful with your heart.

    Love, K

    2 Responses to Tired of the Seesaw Feelings

    1. swisspussyum
      December 2, 2013 at 8:58 am

      nope. nothings confusing anymore. I am now aware of the fact that you plant thoughts and feelings in my head to confuse me and trick me into believing they are mine. but there is no more confusion. i don’t know how the fuck you sleep at night, let alone pretend that your the messiah.

      wow I am your best friend really? and yet you send me hate mail a million times a day. those words I HATE YOU what wonderful vibes they emit out into the UNIverse. light-worker , fright-worker.

      I never went back and forth about anything. we all know who went back and forth and where and how WINK WINK. honeymoons with branded pantie wearing swiss bank account holding accomplished women wont be that easy to forget. Especially not when there they real deal, as you so eloquently put it the total package.. and you love them enough to swim across the indian ocean and cross the alps on a goat to reach them.

      after all some people induce enkaepahlins and endorphins in your system and others the horrific fight or flight response. Let me tell you alll the experts say the body never lies. never. ever heard of muscle testing? when you body says RUN it knows. and when it says hey run to fondueland it knows.

    2. K
      December 2, 2013 at 12:08 pm

      Dude, I think you’ve got the wrong person…

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