• The End

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    No man in the history of mankind or humankind has even agreed to wearing a pre- wedding wedding band. wow she must have been something.
    freedom? you like freedom? i guess that’s why you agreed to wear a most obvious symbol of imprisonment A pre- wedding wedding band. To show the world she owned you, your penis was hers and hers only so was your tongue and your body and most importantly your heart mind soul body and spirit. Your wore it so proudly. never one day did it come off. not once. you and your pre wedding wedding band, I guess she understood the concept of the secret even before it was published. act like it is, and it will be. and so it was. not too long after you got married.

    ITs interesting how we react to the same situation with different people. she kisses another man while she is a relationship with you on your birthday, and youre ok wit it. you still wear that ring and carry a picture of her in your purse. i would have been out the door friend. after all you did fly acorss ocean to be with her on your birthday forsaking family friends and home turf.. no wait i guess that means that there was a changing of guards home turf was her turf. Of course Home is where the heart is. and there is no doubt that your hearty was with her and her with you.

    I agree with blue, for the most part. He does have bad teeth and bad breath. yes. but his heart is made of pure gold. I have never met another human being on this planet who is kinder more forgiving, more humanitarian and have overcome so much and still can spread love and light where ever he goes. without even trying. He is a light-worker extraordinaire… without even trying.
    He is an earth angle angel. dont believe me? ask anyone he has touched. everyone will agree. he is the most humble, unassuming gentle soul who has the strength of a mountain. you will never know it but he does. I am very very privileged to have met him.I think at times what i did to deserve him.
    For putting up with me for almost 20 years no its more like 24 i have no words. His ppowers of forgiveness are truly incredible and compeltely honest. he makes this world a better place to be in. not in a huge blatant way. but in a simpler way. and we all know the beauty of simple things. its like this ordinary miracle.
    he deserves musch better than I and i dont know why he loves me. BUt my life has been a better place for having had him in my life. I know there is not other man who would be so faithful, loving kind tolerant and giving to one such as me.

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    1. Blue
      December 1, 2013 at 10:44 pm

      Keep my name out of tour mputh your nothing but a phony and whether or not its true or not one thing is for sure the fact that who cares NOBODY DOES ,…ANSill ne leaving ppl i know i lnow but the show must vontinue ,the triyh of the matter is ive met someone who on my opinion isa lady that deserves everything ive learned from all the letters and stories ,and shes exsctly where i left off in regards to prior ppl in my life and its a blessing to be ablle to be so open and have such un conditional support that i choose to be with because in the end if my lover was in a wheelchair id push them yhru good and bad unlike half you punks whod push them off a cliff whu,cause u have options …so fuck your phony compliment drop dead blow a marine or somethin good riddance why am i wasting my energy on this story uggvg

    2. Blue
      December 3, 2013 at 7:12 am

      Ha ha I agree with Mr Blue on this one and your the crazy antaganizer who just stirs the pot every chance ,Blue give them hell

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