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    by  • October 23, 2013 • To You • 0 Comments

    You caught my attention, with your warm smile. You were so kind with your words, you had a innocent demeanor. You stayed in my mind, I would think of asking you to hangout, then I did. We clicked so well, had some of the same interests, and could talk with you for endless hours. I got lost in the moment, I made all these plans in my mind, had all these ideas of us. I moved so fast so quick with you, too blind to see, too stupid to realize the reality of it all. I should have never asked you to be my boyfriend, I was so stupid. It’s obvious that I like you more than you liked me. I don’t understand, how you could foul me? I don’t understand how I was so blind? You were talking to another girl, every time you would ignore me to be on facebook, talking to her. flirting with her, giving her attention, ignoring me. You were always ignoring me, I just was too blind to see. Not even a week had passed when you decided to have sex with her. I never expected that from you, I thought you were so innocent, and a good guy. A genuine good guy, the ones you rarely hear of or see on tv. You tell me about it weeks later, yet instead of breaking up, you tell me you want to be with me. I don’t understand, why do you say these things, yet act totally opposite. Am I supposed to just accept this, and continue with our relationship? you think I’ll just get over it, or move on. NO, I can’t, I simply can’t. Now you accuse me of doing you wrong? how did this flip on me? I’m tired of writing honestly there’s too mush shit to write fuck it it is what it is

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