• The Psycho EX Girlfriend

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    I truly hope someday you will come across this letter. I need to get these thoughts off my chest or I am liable to explode on you if I ever run into you. Your ex boyfriend whom now is my best friend and current boyfriend has lost all interest in being friends with you. Why do you think he does not contact you? And for the record it has nothing to do with me. I honestly did not care if you two stayed in contact for I am not a jealous person, he loves me completely, I trust him, and you pose no threat to me whatsoever. He was literally ecstatic that you had not contacted him in so long and felt at peace. Every person I have met that knew you hated every aspect of you as a human being including him, his friends, and family. I’m well aware of your jealousy, controlling behavior, and pure hatred toward people. We actually gave you the benefit of the doubt, believing you when expressed that you did not write that extremely upsetting and rude message on FB. However you dug yourself deeper with him when you called and constantly texted the past few days. Then because he did not want respond, thinking you’d just eventually go away, you decided to text his father upsetting and worrying his family on his whereabouts. The thing about that is, you lost the privilege to be apart of his family and apart of his life. He was livid when his father told us about the message his father said what a freakin psycho- which hasn’t been far from what he says about you. Not only did you upset his family but you made him really angry and he expressed how good it felt to not be with someone like that anymore. He told me numerous times that he couldn’t wait till you found someone so you could torture the hell out of them and hopefully leave him alone for good. Because he honestly doesn’t care about your new puppy, how your doing, or any urge to hang out and this is not me fabricating anything he tells me EVERYTHING about you- every time you call, what your messages say etc, not because I ask because we’re that fucking tight. Don’t you see that you tainted a friendship with him by being who you are and treating him the way you did for so long. His intentions were different in the beginning of your breakup until I came into his life and showed him what true love is. I’m not jealous of his friends that are women, we don’t fight and argue constantly, and I let him live his life the way he wants to. I don’t try to change him, expect more than he can give, or control him because that is what makes a man stay forever- so try to remember that. it might help you down the road with your other relationships. I can tell you this, you lost out on something really good, now you’ve gotta let it go and move on. Why on earth would someone want to be friends with an ex that constantly made them feel like they were walking on egg shells. He expressed to me that it felt like he was living in hell and constantly being tortured. He has forgiven you and he understands that you both grew apart and fell out of love but he let go months ago, so do him a kindness and reciprocate because it would make him happy- isn’t that what you want? Because this same old acting out texting his parents to see if he’s alive or in jail kind of deal is fucking ridiculously psychotic. Like I said you dug your own hole sweetheart and you’ll be lucky if he ever wants to speak to you again. He told me you hoped that you and I could be friends HA well I on the other hand have no interest in being “friends” with you or “hanging” with you ever. I have no desire to be apart of your life not only because of this stupid drama but what I learned about you in the beginning from him, his friends, and his family. I hope one day you’ll let go not for our sake but for your own because were going to be together forever girl and I wouldn’t plan on waiting around for his calls or texts anymore hoping he will at least be friends- because he doesn’t want that. Thanks and have a nice day.

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    1. Tru dat
      October 31, 2013 at 7:02 pm

      Preach it sista! Psycho jealous ex’s are the worse!!

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