• Go Ahead

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    Go ahead and fuck her thinking of me
    Go ahead living your life doing for others thinking of me
    Go ahead pretending your life away
    Go ahead settling for happiness with a hole of unfulfillment
    Go ahead and try to ignore what I am to you
    Go ahead believing what you know is wrong

    Just go ahead

    It’s not strength to resist the truth – It’s weakness
    but just go head

    Maybe I was wrong and you’re not even half the man I thought you could be..

    Go ahead, it won’t be my loss nor regret, it may be yours

    Who knows
    Who still bothers trying to figure it out

    Life goes on and with the last sand corns up on top of the hourglass of life
    I decided to look for the light illuminating the remains
    instead of feeling the pressure of the force
    pushing them through
    no matter what.

    Choices we all have to make

    Go ahead

    Go ahead saying you’ve made yours while making more every moment you breathe – we all do

    I am not afraid
    I am free

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