• Fool.

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    Yes you are in love. He cheated on you by continually dating another girl while only having sex with you. Yeah totally in love.
    Totally gonna live together.
    Yeah that’ll work.
    Because he picked you for sex and money.
    He picked you because he respected you less.
    He picked you because no other guy will want someone as broken as you.

    He didn’t pick me because I’m worth more than you and I am certainly worth more than him.

    Help yourself out and leave him behind.
    Then you can meet a guy that isn’t already dating someone else and help ruin a life.

    You both fucked me up.
    But at least I’m good enough not to fuck someone who is already in a relationship.
    And at least I’m good enough to not cheat.

    You’re fucking terrible.
    Both of you.
    You need to LEAVE HIM BEHIND.
    DO you not understand he is going to hurt you another time?!?
    You think living together is a good idea???
    This is not genuine love!
    There is absolutely no love with someone who cheats on you all the time.

    He obviously doesn’t care enough.
    Why can’t you see that?
    I think you do.
    And I think that’s why you desperately post about him everyday.
    Remind him your there to cling onto something that makes you “happy.”
    Leave him behind.

    You’ll feel better.

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