• to the lovely boy i’ve always known

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    You were my last kiss of 2012 and my first kiss of 2013. You were the first drunken night hook up I’ve ever had. You were the first guy I had in my bed at college. New years eve was a great night but I didn’t have sex with you because I was scared mostly and I also had my period. But we stayed together all night kissing all throughout the ball dropping on the TV. I hadn’t seen you since graduation night. Granted nothing ever happened with us since new years, we just went back to being friends like we always had been. But for some reason last weekend I called you and invited you to come down and visit me at school and for some reason you said yes. And despite what I thought, you showed up at my dorm and it was so lovely to see you. We spent the whole night together and I was so ready to have drunken slutty sex with you because honestly I’ve had a thing for you since like the 6th grade. And I finally have this opportunity now to be alone with you and I have the courage to make it happen. After you pulled my belt off and got me out of my shirt, we went into my bed and we were all over each other with nothing stopping us. At least I thought nothing would stop us, but then you couldn’t stay up and we couldn’t have sex. And I thought it was my fault because I’m not pretty like the other girls you’ve been with, or I’m not the typical girl you’d chose to hookup with. But you drove down to see me at school and that counts for something. And you kissed me this morning when we woke up and cuddled with me and held me tight and it was beautiful. I loved being next to you and feeling the warmth of your skin on my mine and hearing your heartbeat in your chest as you held me close to you. And when you met my friends last night when we went out you held my hand and kissed me in front of them which you’ve never done. Maybe we were just both drunk and didn’t care, but I’m so happy you were here with me. Happy it was you and maybe just happy to finally have some human contact with people. Being that close to someone is the loveliest feeling in the entire world. And I just wanted to get it out that I think you’re a lovely person for kissing me in public and kissing me this morning when we were no longer drunk. And for staying with me all night making me feel special and real. You’re amazing and I thank you.

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