• The last thing I want …

    by  • September 28, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, Knock it Off • 0 Comments

    He came upstairs tonight and said “do you want me to tuck you in?” Oh my God no that is the last thing I want, I remember you telling me you had “tucked her in” for the night. Seriously, that is what you do to your children, not to each other :((
    This feels like the end … some might think I’m being ridiculous but no matter how many years I’m with someone I never EVER want to be “tucked in” unless i have the most severe flu ever and just can’t move from bed! Lie with me, wrap your gorgeous, sexy body around me, hug me so tight it feels we are one person, tell me you love me and make love to me … but don’t ever EVER “tuck me in” :((

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