• The Things I Miss About You

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    I miss your smile and all of your crooked teeth.

    I miss your laugh, especially the one where you raised your eyebrows and sounded very creepy and evil.

    I miss my lunch time being spent with you.

    I miss going out to eat with you, then getting a coffee after.

    The messy, broken down Cavalier that you drove us around in no matter how many times it died out.

    The first time we kissed, leading to us in my car where I kept my foot on the brake instead of just putting it in park.

    I miss watching you spin, breathe, and manipulate fire.

    Hearing you geek out on every passion of yours.

    I miss disc golfing and walking through the woods with you.

    I miss nudging you in the middle of the night to stop you from snoring, just so when you did, you would snuggle up even closer to me just to make sure that there wasn’t one part of my body that wasn’t snug up to yours.

    Helping you make your guacamole and salsa to take on trips.

    I miss feeling so alive with you while we ventured out across the country and got to see so many things for the first time together.

    I miss how silly grumpy you would get from being hungry.

    I miss getting so lost in your eyes, and watching them change with your mood.

    Waking up in the morning to make you breakfast and coffee.

    When you would approach me from behind and put your arms around me.

    I miss how ridiculously tall you are, and how people would joke around about how you look like you could kidnap me.

    Having someone who wanted to make plans to travel the world with.

    Spending nights in with you, a six pack, and a movie.

    I miss you giving me grief for passing out while trying to watch ‘Inception’.

    I miss when you would give me the ‘blue steel’ face from Zoolander.

    Out of everything that was falling apart in my life, you stayed with me each night and made sure I was okay.

    I miss your fascination of body art and piercings.

    I miss your kind words and how you once told me that “the world seems to dissolve when I’m with you”.

    I miss how you would randomly bring me flowers.

    Sharing dark chocolate.

    How you would introduce me as your ‘beautiful’, ‘pretty’, or ‘lovely’ girlfriend.

    I miss spending so much time staring at the stars with you, and how you felt so much connection to what is out there.

    I miss hearing you say you are going to live over 200 some years old.

    I miss you making my bed when you wake up while I am at work…. no matter how wrong it was.

    I miss how you could always find someone to talk to in a group of strangers.

    How you always calmed yourself down from being angry.

    And when your voice got very soft when you were speaking from the heart.

    I miss your ‘Good Mornings’

    I miss your ‘Good Nights’

    But most of all, I miss your ‘I Love Yous’

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