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    i don’t understand boys; i’m sure that’s a common theme of these letters. with that being said, i don’t care. here goes nothing:
    i met this guy at his fraternity house last year. i went up to him because he was from my hometown, i recognized him because he had a girlfriend who went to my school, then that girlfriend proceeded to hook up with MY boyfriend whilst dating this guy i just met.
    so that was my opening line.

    now here we are 8 months later. over the last 8 months the guy has told me he likes me, taken me on a date, said he’ll go to my sister’s wedding, took me to his out of town formal, met my family, took me to his favorite spots on campus, talked to me about how nerdy he used to be in high school, tells me why he’s stressed and his fears about the semester. deep heart to heart shit right here, my fellow letter readers.

    over the past month he has basically stopped texting me or responding to my texts, no snapchat for all y’all tech savvy people. anyway, what the hell! i don’t understand. in person he acts more and more like we’re dating, but communication is basically 0%. and he met my family like 2 weeks ago! so it’s not like he’s been drifting away for months and i’m just being silly.

    i’m concerned that i’m only an option for him from thursday night around midnight to sunday morning. which is very sad. because i actually like him.

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    1. face to face
      September 27, 2013 at 12:37 pm

      Maybe he values you enough to stop taking chances that something could be misinterpreted through text etc. I had a fantastic relationship with someone and we used to text all the time before we started getting involved emotionally. Misunderstandings happen so easily over text. That happened to me and my person. It ruined a perfectly good relationship. So when we tried again, we cut out most texting except for logistics etc. Maybe he has found that out the hard way and doesn’t want to chance that with you. It can be a little annoying and sometimes you may miss that type of contact. But being good with someone face to face is way better… techie stuff not so important. It may be a good sign.



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