• Loving Me Then to Non-Exisitent Now

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    I existed in your life, I didn’t disappear off the face of the earth. Relationships seem to do just that, but just remember this….I made you the happiest man on earth even if there were fights in between us, I made that year and a half go by with happiness and I showed you what love was. I was your first and I thought I was your last but those were my naive thoughts again, I should hit myself for that but I don’t regret a thing. I gave it my all and I rose to the top with you by my side and I loved like no other when I loved you. But you; ending it so awkward and over the phone was rude and i thought i deserved at least a confrontation to the face for those words no one should ever hear but they do and those words sting when i spent almost two years by your side loving you, and you still seem to not even care about how you ended things or if you gave me a little bit of my own dignity back, so i can hold and protect the pieces you left behind. How shameful it is to know that you can make me feel so loved one day and the next i don’t even exist to you. It hurts to say sometimes im left confused wondering what had happened, the memories replay back and forth through the good and bad times. I wonder and think to no end and I always felt like I deserved more than just a phone call to end things, even though you didnt see me in your future and things got kinda ugly at the end, you should of remembered i still have feelings and I want to be held, kissed and loved just like everyone else does. I deserved to be told the truth even though I know that the truth hurts, but not as much as a lie. I was once part of your life, your first love and your high school sweetheart but till this day NOW I will only be non-existent in your imagination, but remember I was once in your life.

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