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    I really miss you already I wish I could spend every moment with you everyday by your side I wish you were mine to love to hold and show you how much I love you..I already feel the ache in my chest starting up and I am stopping it by knowing I am going to see you again tomorrow but I am dreading saying goodbye for the next couple of weeks its so hard I just want to be in your presence and u have already said yourself u feel the same and will this feeling of absence and darkness last forever well..see that is my question.. it doesnt get any better with time for me and you because time doesnt heal this wound it makes it so much worse it opens it up and keeps it bleeding until one day it will be bled dry it never scabs up and heals no it never can because its still so raw so fresh it never heals it doesnt even reopens because it never closes..ok enough about wounds because we are not just a pair of cuts..we are two people who feel the same when we arnt together in each others company.. I love you so mucb and I miss you already I will think about you all day and night so I can hopefully dream about u until I see you again tomorrow..i dont want to say goodbye tomorrow but i know I will have to my heart will be ripped out and the pain will be familiar and feeling I know so well. I love you loads see you tomorrow I just want to hug you forever and never let go so I dont have to say goodbye.. sweet dreams the one who owns my heart.. I love you and im going to miss you terribly until the next time I am in you perfect presence.. cx

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