• Breaking me down

    by  • September 23, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, Self-Esteem • 1 Comment

    I’m not enough I guess.
    Nothing I do is good enough for you.
    I smile when I am with you because I like you.
    But my smile is too much for you,
    So you break me down until I’m in tears
    and that’s okay with you because my self esteem is low.
    You prefer your women buried in self doubt.
    But I will not tolerate it.
    Love me just the way I am or leave me the hell alone Jason.
    I will not change for anyone.
    If I am smiling it’s because I’ve never been as happy until the moment I met you, and I’ve been smiling ever since. But you are miserable, if all you want is to strip my happiness away because you’re not at my level. Find someone who is. Find someone who will accept you telling them to get Lipo, and to not smile, and to not be happy. Good luck with that.
    I will never settle for less than what I deserve. if a man is treating you like garbage, and is clearly showing you that he thinks that way of you, believe him and do yourself a favor and run don’t walk, RUN away and don’t look back.

    Somewhere out there, there’s a man who is waiting to appreciate my smile, my personality, and my body appropriately. Ready to embrace me flaws and all.

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    1. S
      September 23, 2013 at 11:33 am

      Stick with this train of thought, it’s spot on!



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