• Brother, I’ve decided you’re garbage

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    Hey Brother,

    You know, I have just about had it with you. The family has always defended your obnoxious behavior, but word is leaking out. I’ll give you two guesses. What the hell are you doing with these women? Yeah, so you’re a big ladies man. Since I’ve done some growing up in the last 6 years, I can see right through you. ? tells me you’re playing your old girlfriend like a fiddle. What the hell s the matter with you? Everyone knows, but no one will have the kahunas to stand up to you, mostly because of Mom. She couldn’t take knowing what you’re doing to that girl. Off, on, the same horse shit you’ve been pulling for almost 20 years. We know you abused her, physically and emotionally. You did the same to your wife. What kind of sick kicks are you getting out of this? Why do you do this to people. It’s like some sadistic ritual of yours. I know who the family is talking to and I have half a notion to go see her myself. You sick bastard.

    You’re an arrogant prick, you’re a master manipulator, I’ve watched you mind fuck women for years and after I had it done to me, I could finally see it.

    You enjoy playing with people don’t you? Yeah, me away at school and not seeing you in action for so long, combined with a real mentor buddy. (he was an all conference linebacker; you met him ) Well, I kept him on the field and he was 21 going on 45. I swear he knew everything. You were who I looked up to, but compared to this guy, you’re like a small time…whatever.

    You have made us all sick with your non stop games. Leave the poor girl alone, unless your goal is to see her in a mental hospital.

    But you already know that game, don’t you?

    Honestly, I’m ashamed of you. You’ve soiled the family.
    I can only hope this doesn’t get out. You have a family to take care of and all it takes is one of these women to really blow the whistle.

    If that happens, I don’t even know you anymore.

    You’re sick man. You are truly cursed with a wicked, evil way
    of getting back at these girls. If you would be faithful in the first
    place, none of them look elsewhere.

    It’s like this little game you play; you start it, they look elsewhere, you get them back and torture them for what you did to them in the beginning. Why? To make sure in your twisted mind that they deserved your punishment?

    You are making us all ill. Go seek some help for your sadistic tendencies. Because I’m going to start talking. The abusive family has one goal in mind. Keep the Big Secret hidden.

    Well I’m not playing the game anymore.

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    1. Mooniserfa
      September 25, 2013 at 1:33 pm

      Omg. I feel you on this. My brother is just the same.



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