• You know…there are true COWARDS on here

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    I think the idea of the site, in its purest, intended form was a place to write a letter to someone and not ‘send’ it. I can’t recall, perhaps this was advice from Eleanor Roosevelt; possibly Lincoln or Benjamin Franklin.

    But it sure as hell isn’t the place to be writing breakup letters and not informing the other party. I’ve seen quite a few, and nearly all are answered by the same initials I read here today. These are over a year or more old !

    For God’s Sake people. What in the H is the matter with you?
    Do you have such a lack of character, so low, so deceptive that you this is the way you’ve learned to live life?

    It is truly sickening. We live in a very, very fu**ed up world.
    Nice takeaway, huh? Have a lowered faith in mankind? Go through the
    rest of your life doubting every GOD DAMN word someone says?

    It is the lowest point of my life, to have to come to that conclusion.
    I’ve been the most positive attitude guy I ever met, nothing would get in my way, (not people…situations; obstacles) but to finally have to let it sink in that people are liars, cheaters, users, con artists, who have affairs on others behind their back for months and months?
    And everything is going just ‘peachy keen’ on the other end?

    What has this world deteriorated into? I suppose Sodom and Gomorrah. God, I suppose that I need to GET IT that EVE told GOD to go F of…the bitch wanted the damn apple !!! First fuc**ng story !
    Think that’s there, right out of the chute, for some arbitrary reason?

    Unfortunately, I don’t think so. But NONE of us GET the damn story.
    Good Lord…you’d think they would drill that into your head !
    Of course, that would keep the women away. Be all politically correct.
    Sneak around. Don’t tell it like it is.

    Hell, I have a challenge. I’ll leave my phone number. I’ve got nothing to hide. We can find out real fast…
    Course I don’t think that will be accepted.

    Do you love me, I hate you, I love you, All by the same names.
    One wonders if the site itself wasn’t set up as the way to communicate with a mistress, FFS !

    Cowards. Tell your person your thoughts.
    Play a fair game for once in your life. Christ, I was an athlete.
    My father was one of notoriety. At a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP University.
    My brother has coached 10 world class athletes.
    Maybe that’s whats wrong with me.
    I was brought up to play by the FUC**G rules.

    Yeah, F it. I’m not changing for anyone. It’s still they way to operate. That won’t change. HELL YEAH it’s harder.
    But it’s still right.

    “Those who are accustomed to judge by feeling do not understand the process of reasoning, for they would understand at first sight, and are not used to seek for principles.” ~Blaise Pascal

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    14 Responses to You know…there are true COWARDS on here

    1. Stranger
      August 31, 2013 at 12:37 pm

      You do realize that there is a good chance what you are assuming is just that right?….an assumption. There ARE apparently people talking back and forth here. If those people know one another and doing the mindgame of breaking up on here so be it. But for other people who do NOT have their person here, they are quite possibily using this site as intended. Example: (they were just having a fight and just getting anger out instead of breaking up with them in reality)…Sometimes the most obvious explanation is THEE explanation. Also, let’s say for shits and giggles you feel your person wrote a break up letter to you…then why don’t you stop being a hypocrite (no offense) and call out your alledged perp? If you are not 100% sure, then it is just an assumption right? And loading your mind with assumptions and not facts is just crazymaking at it’s core. Someone reading too much into this site + coincidence + assumption = self inflicted.


    2. Not when the dates match up
      August 31, 2013 at 4:34 pm

      I made it a point to make a few notes on occasion. It was necessary considering the circumstances.

      There’s no assumptions. I am a data gathering machine. There are comments made to me personally, with said dates, line up exactly as the information discussed here. Ironically, they are described nearly word for word concerning the events.

      You must be thinking you’re talking to Mr. Ed or something !

      You have no idea what I know.

      You humor me. Imagine the opportunity that lies before me ! (no pun intended. Yes it was. No, wait. I love you. I changed my mind. It wasn’t.

      Honored that a Rhodes Scholar, Campus of Crazymaking is actually giving me personal tutoring !

      Oh, Wilbuuuurr : – )~

      “Weeellllllll, did you see that gal, Ed? She had an azz on ha lakaa $200 muuule !”



    3. @stranger
      September 1, 2013 at 1:43 am

      Why don’t you shut the fuck up for once as this person is stating nothing but the truth. So be a stranger and view else where! I cant believe I said that. It feels so good.


    4. Another stranger
      September 1, 2013 at 10:02 am

      I agree with Stranger. And honestly author, boo to the fucking hoo. Cry a river why don’t you? I find this site enjoyable, other than when I read hypocritical letters like yours. This is LINS, what kind of letters did you think you would find here genius? Maybe you should go lock yourself in a room and never come out if you’re this mad that people are by nature flawed beings. You can’t be very old if you are just figuring this out.


    5. Stranger
      September 1, 2013 at 12:06 pm

      @@stranger…oohhhhh that hurt me little feelings…..waaaaaaaaaa… hahahaha how pathetic are you that you get relief by telling me to shut the fuck up? You sound like the AUTHOR. Pussy bitch.


    6. Read much, Ten Names?
      September 1, 2013 at 12:41 pm

      That’s my new Native American name for you.
      The Bible doesn’t tell me so…like the song.

      The background reports do.

      There’s no assumptions. I am a data gathering machine. There are comments made to me personally, with said dates, line up exactly as the information discussed here. Ironically, they were, at that same time, described nearly word for word, VERBALLY concerning the events.

      There’s no confusion. That’s your game.



    7. @author
      September 1, 2013 at 1:07 pm

      For speaking the truth which in turn has reverberated to the sorts of women who would be the stereotypes you described & thus why they object to your views. This is an indication you may be right & even if not you are entitled to your viewpoint. Which I remind everyone this is everyone’s right in the world of capitalism which is freedom of speech. I commend you on your letter as it is a fine example of the hatred for men because of what has happened to these women personally? It is alright for women to berate & belittle men on here & in real life yet not for a man to voice his thoughts. Now there is sexism & un-equality at its finest.

      I’d also make a random comment…I have no doubt many of these women if they met you in real life not knowing you wrote this would be amazed in a positive sense if they were to go on a date with you?as genetics plays a part in life & your family has this unequivocally. There is no denying that if you say what you said is true as this site can be fantasy land for some, even me lol.

      Just you wait for my comment to be attacked by others. It makes me laugh now.


    8. You can say THAT again !
      September 1, 2013 at 2:27 pm

      Adjustments will be made at half time.

      We will win this game !

      (my note to myself, bo ther. Been there many times. Often a situation like this, brings out the best in me )

      That’s how I’m approaching things from now on. Lol. My mom said the same thing about my dad.
      It took a crisis, but there was no one better at handling that.

      I can only hope I still have “one more good album left [in us] ”

      Now I really don’t mind that it’s been so long
      If somewhere in this world you exist
      And it really won’t seem like it’s been so sad
      Just as long as I know I’ve been missed



    9. hey look!
      September 1, 2013 at 2:43 pm

      Looky looky! It’s the butt fuck buddies!!! Did you form your women haters club yet?? Dipshits. Women and others talk shit to you because of your attacks. You attack women here as though you know them when in reality, I would be surprised if anyone here even knows you in *gasp* the real world. Some females here are just sick of your bullshit and we’ll spew your crap right back at ya. Go cry now about your fucked up momma issues ya douches.


    10. stranger
      September 1, 2013 at 2:57 pm

      You truly, truly are foolish. Dates match up with what? The fucking calender? Joke’s on you honey. You do not know me. Don’t believe me? I don’t care. The truth is the truth. Keep driving yourself nuts;) Let’s play a game! Write down the titles of letters you think are from your person! Show everyone just how much delusion you are suffering from. Come on, what do you have to lose if you are right!!!!????


    11. 4312-Ring any bells yet?
      September 2, 2013 at 11:26 pm

      What city does the youngster live in these days/


    12. stranger
      September 3, 2013 at 12:27 pm

      Nope! What youngster?

      Seriously, copy the titles down of the letters you think this lady wrote. The only thing you can lose are your misconceptions. If the bitch is here she’ll know what’s up and that is what you want right???

      You talk to people you don’t know on here. It’s a simple as that. And frankly I’m fucking sick of being a target by some numb nuts with delusions.


    13. This Is Getting Out Of Hand?
      September 4, 2013 at 1:10 am

      I’ll be the first one to say “Sorry” for my comments that the one’s I wrote were negative & they weren’t one this post. I made a comment “@Author” & yes I have said some things on here that were negative…Have any of you? Oh right here on this post indeed?

      Thank you for calling me a woman hater when that is so far from the truth. Funny then I have some very good platonic female friends I’ve known for a long time. Same goes for my male friends. Why is it alright for the “ladies” to say comments yet the “gentlemen” can’t? I’ve seen so many negative derogatory female comments to the point where I am shocked…blown away by how many women contemplate & do cheat & have multiple partners & then to top it off have a fall back guy???. Most men don’t think that way & it’s sad to see so many here do. I personally haven’t been physically cheated on nor done it. All those things goes for both men & women.

      You all do realise that there are many on here that make comments? I received so many positive comments too…A LOT when I did the short sweet meaningful comments which I meant every word. Also there aren’t just a few men here as I have seen other “obviously male” comments & I agree with the female comments on the majority as it’s not needed, even some I commented I should’ve said nothing. If I didn’t have anything good to say, as instilled in me when I was child then I was told to say nothing. So in future I won’t be commenting negative comments. That’s a promise to ME.


    14. @This is getting....
      September 4, 2013 at 5:33 pm

      “Most men don’t think that way & it’s sad to see so many here do. I personally haven’t been physically cheated on nor done it. All those things goes for both men & women.”

      You were never involved in any way in this thread. Where do you feel I called you a woman hater?

      Now someone appears that ‘two men ‘ i.e., ‘buddies’ has a connotation they know or know of one another, got quite excited : hey look!
      Looky looky! It’s the butt fuck buddies!!! Did you form your women haters club yet??

      My guess is that a third party jumped up. Then again, you state negative things we written by you to the author. It’s inconsequential; so much so I don’t even have the urge to look.

      For the record (assuming…not a good thing) but for the most part, based on your writing style, who you ‘appear’ to have a dialogue with, excellent choice of words, etc., did you see where I was complimentary towards you on numerous occasions? Yes. It’s true.

      You see, I’ve learned that in a loose sense of the concept, that someones writing style (especially combined with the immediate subject matter) are somewhat like a ‘fingerprint’ in a sense. I have no formal knowledge of this discipline/science..art…whatever, but I’m sure a professional would agree.

      In regards to the topic, I would assume with the HUNDREDS of people on here, that this may only elicit responses from those who would be involved in such a thing.

      Would that appear to you as using sound logic? I mean, who else would comment? Become impassioned ? They would bypass it.

      Someone liked it and I’m not going back to see who else…
      ” I commend you on your letter as it is a fine example of the hatred for men because of what has happened to these women personally? It is alright for women to berate & belittle men on here & in real life yet not for a man to voice his thoughts. Now there is sexism & un-equality at its finest ”

      Now, as I have seen repeats of the same stories of unfortunate things that some women experienced, and it’s also clear that these appear to be repeated stories, as they cover the same events, let me redo mine.

      On July 17th, I asked my fiancee three non threatening questions about her ex. There were 10 clear signs something was happening between them. We knew each other for 20 months, BF/GF for 18, only fought about one thing: Other men. She had a way of almost dangling them, so subtly in front of me. Key word: Subtle. “I don’t talk to ANY other men besides you !” she exclaimed in what now is clear, what is termed “Narcissistic rage” Her arguments were WORD FOR WORD repeats of what numerous books had told me to expect.
      Of course, like clockwork, it wouldn’t be 4 days before she explains “Oh, I talked with ‘someone’ in Allentown Pa and their power is still out” It wasn’t “I spoke with Anna Marnie” or “I talked with my buddy Eric Patrick”

      It’s was always just ‘someone.’ This happened, within 3-5 days nearly **every time** I was yelled at regarding her faithfulness. Logic would tell a man, what? _____________________Fill in the blank.

      I could care LESS who she talked with ! It was the HIDING it that irked me !!

      You still with me, here?

      So, in 20 months, we did go one week without talking. It was at my ‘request.’ We may have had 4 additional nights most, in 20 months (600 days) where we didn’t talk.

      So let me pose a question to all the sports fans: If this was the nature of our communication, we were engaged, I was told daily as she was, the depth of our love for one another (some very flowery terms I have never heard before, do appear ….aw, never mind) but everything was going along fine.

      And 3 questions about her ex and she doesn’t call for a few days? (I let her call me, to give her freedom to talk to all the others, male or female without interruption…was how I played it after I got ticked off [never said anything] and that went on for 12 months. She would call me at night when she was ‘ready.’

      So what about those three questions I wonder, made her break this supposed lifetime bond we had?

      I just texted back in two days and said, “It appears to me you don’t intend to call back, so I will go ahead….etc etc. ”

      Now why would someone do that? Was I possibly ….gasp….correct? After all, we always ‘got over any fight, disagreement within 24 hours. ALWAYS.

      And this wasn’t even a fight. She had said when she hung up that she would call/text me from the casino.
      No nasty words. No blow up.

      Still with me? MMMmM?

      Wonder what happened to my girl from The East?

      What would you guess, given the information I had to work with?
      This should include the fact that she lied on all three of my questions, BTW.

      I knew the answers before I asked them.

      But today the way I play the game is not the same
      No way
      Think I’m gonna get myself happy

      I think there’s something you should know
      I think it’s time I told you so
      There’s something deep inside of me
      There’s someone else I’ve got to be
      Take back your picture in a frame
      Take back your singing in the rain
      I just hope you understand
      Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

      All we have to do now
      Is take these lies and make them true somehow
      All we have to see
      Is that I don’t belong to you
      And you don’t belong to me yea yea




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