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    Everyone always says, ” One Direction is just another boyband”
    “They only care about themselves”

    One Direction is not just a boyband. They’ve changed so many people’s lives, not to mention saved them.

    You see, last month, I planned on committing suicide. As I was writing my letter, my phone started ringing. Just so happened to be Little Things by One Direction. I didn’t answer the call, knowing who it was. I texted her before telling her what I was doing.
    I listened to the song.
    I thought about what I was doing.
    I had the blade in my hand, twirling it around.
    “Should I do this?” I thought.
    “If I do, they win. The bullies win.”
    All the sleepless nights I’ve had, where I stayed up crying.
    All the times that I would tell me mum that I wasn’t hungry.
    All the times I said, “It was my cat.”
    All the times that I would wear jumpers.

    I let the bullies get to me, I mean, who wouldn’t?
    The notes they left in my lockers.
    The rumors.
    The looks.

    I couldn’t take it. I started self harming. I have been for almost 2 years now.

    But, the point is, I didn’t commit suicide that night, because of them.
    They saved my life, but they don’t even know I exist.

    That’s what gets to me.

    They may not know me, they may never know me, but they will always be my heroes.

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      August 31, 2013 at 11:06 am

      love yourself more than anyone could do.remember that.



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