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    I don’t know why I still write on here for you I don’t feel you come on here any more or even ever wrote on here in the first place so why do I put myself through this, reading every letter in hope that I might recognize something you have written or even a letter for me.

    Its stupid and its making things worse I need to stay away but I still get this tiny 1 percent that draws me back in hope that one of these letters are written by you when in all honesty I don’t think you come on here anymore 🙁 still that 1 percent keeps me coming back clinging to hope that you are.

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    1. I Am Here...Not For Much Longer Thankfully
      August 31, 2013 at 11:59 am

      This man has finally written his letter to his love where we lost each other through no fault of each others. There is no one to blame. I blame only myself for I was part of it so…My letter has taken me a week & I Believe now I will get penalised & lose marks for handing in my final letter for late submission;) I hope not. I lOVE her still & always will & have, YET if she wants me not then I hope this letter gives her some closure as she is a woman like no other as we all deserve to be happy. I will always love her even if from afar. That is how much she affected me. Good night… Tomorrow will be an emotional day for this man as it’s first Father’s Day in which we will be celebrating it without him for he only passed away not 5 months ago. GOD I miss him. This year has been the hardest year of my life as I had other catastrophic events unfold too. Many would crumble if they knew if it happened to them. Oh well what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

      Good Night & Sweetest Of Sweet Dreams Dear Reader.

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