• I love you so much..

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    Waiting so long for what? If there is anything to wait for? I need to know. It confuses me and I don’t know what direction to go.? If you said to me that you want to share a life with me then I would be with YOU.! I don’t know.. I never have known. I assumed sometimes but how far can an assumption go? You’re the one my heart wants. And with all this frustration.. I lead myself to a pool of mistakes.. You may not even care to think twice about me now.. If you did at all. I need you to tell me how you felt.. Even if its not mutual.. I need to know. You never did say “No I don’t,” or “yes I do..” Please don’t leave me wondering.. I would be much stronger and would have not been dumb. You don’t know how much I love you that it has become a daily struggle and a constant thought of you. No not obsession.. (for those who may comment with that as their opinion) I just wish that I could have the answers to help me let go or hang on.. You’re the one that has my heart in the palm of your hand.. I couldn’t even take it back from you if I wanted to. My heart took this leap on its own and feels safe, trusted, whole you name it.. with you it has given itself to you. I never asked to fall in love with you. I am not afraid to express that either.. To me you’re not the “guy” those in town love to hate.. To me you’re just a normal guy who has something about him that has flipped me upside down and back again.. Truly you have all my love.. If I knew for sure.. I’d be patient, loyal, everything that holds true to a promise.. With you I would not break.. I am not the girl you may think you know or “heard about.” There is a sweet, kind girl who would do anything for those in need. My heart is heavy for those who are poor. I can’t even go to an animal shelter because it would break my heart and I’d want to take every animal home with me.. A dream I once had growing up at a young age where I wouldn’t have known about poverty and the needy but my dream was to open up a huge homeless shelter where all their needs were met and they would never have to go hungry, cold, lonely or unkempt ever again.. That side of me you may not know… I truly have a tender heart.. I may have a little bit of rebel in me but not enough to mix in with the typical reputation that most folks you deal with on the streets. I have my character defects like everyone else and I may have some behaviors that can improve but that is not me.. That is just something I have experienced in life. Anyway, I am just rambling and I have no idea if this makes any sense. Just know that if you started to question.. Know that I love only you and if you told me that as well.. Then I would live the rest of my days waiting, faithfully until that day…

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    1. @Author
      August 30, 2013 at 4:05 pm

      Are you asking someone one here? Hints might be handy if you are?

    2. Straight From Your Heart:)
      August 30, 2013 at 4:32 pm

      You aren’t rambling, you are sharing your inner beliefs straight from your heart giving your love & that love is one of the natural beauty & harmonious creatures of this world great & small. LIFE. They are thoughts of selfless giving & compassion which any man can see from afar. Every woman has a tender heart & it is up to the man to always remind his woman that we are thankful everyday & every night for being part of their life. I am not he as it would only confuse me more lol.

      If you believe they are on here may I suggest some hints? Initials, anything that you & them share.

    3. author
      August 31, 2013 at 11:04 am

      that’s my age

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