• A Decade of Wishful Thinking

    by  • August 30, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, Letting Go • 0 Comments

    I have tried my best. Sent you messages, emails, texts, card, simple gifts and made some phone calls. I just wanted to get in touch and to personally see how you’re doing. But I guess, you don’t have time and probably busy with important things in life. Meet up once every year or two isn’t too much to ask – I thought. But I felt ignored and turned down again and again and again and again. I just wanted us to catch up and know how you are doing these past few years. Even seeing you for half an hour over a cup of coffee would be great! But I guess, you were too busy. I read your past emails every now and then. It’s just sad. I just wanted us to be friends. Or maybe, more than friends in the future. My intentions are pure. I can guarantee you that. But I couldn’t handle another rejection from you. I truly hope you and your family are all well. I just wish you happiness. Belated happy birthday as well. My thoughts were with you on your special day. I’ll just see you around and let faith bring us together. As friends or as lovers? That’s for us to know in the future. Till then x

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