• some say love is a burning thing..

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    You getting undressed down to your underwear knowing full well I am completely head over heels in love with you and want to touch your body more than anything was a tease but in a good way, you KNEW I was looking at you standing there stripped down to your underwear I think you wanted me to look and baby believe me I was!! u left hardly any room for the imagination im glad you did 😉 your so so sexy and you know how much I want you so I think you did it on purpose infact im completely certain you did you wanted me to look at you standing there just me and you,
    me watching you getting changed I mean you hardly put your clothes on quickly did you lol thanks for that you sexy little thing YOU.. omg and when we was at that place we spent the morning at and you took your shorts off again and was just in your underwear can I just say you have the cutest ass I have ever ever seen!!.

    I spent a little bit of time with you to my self this time and I finally told you a couple of things out loud although, I wish it could have been in a better place what I mean by that is I wish I could have sat with you or even stood with you and told you how I felt about you face to face rather than walking and talking. I wish I could spend more time with you by myself I wish I could spend all my time with you by my self.

    Do you ever remember when we used to spend at least half an hour to ourselves together in the afternoon? and I would act a little uncomfortable and not know what to say? Or id go and make something? it is because you made me nervous because I was completely and utterly in love with you and I wanted more than anything to tell you that I loved you I always tried to sit close to you and asked you to do things for me that made you come close to me but all those times I was shaking inside. I remember I would sit in your car and I would look at you constantly if I wasn’t in the front seat looking at you I was watching you in the mirror all the time I loved every day I spent with you but boy do you make me so fucking nervous even now I cant help it when you walk into the room my eyes follow you everywhere and my heart is beating out of my chest my palms get all sweaty and I just cant help smile at you I think my eyes light up every time they see your face.

    I used to love it when you would come up to my face really close up and you would be concentrated on what you were doing and I could just stare at you look at every little detail on your face all the little things that make you so perfect to me…

    I think I just lost ten minutes in my head REALLY !! I don’t know how but its been ten minutes and I have just been sat here staring o_O LOL

    Anyway back to what I was saying…I completely forgot to be honest lol oh yeah how I think you are so perfect to me I really do love you and i’m so glad you know how I feel, at least I hope you do. I will always show you how much I love you from now on because the hardest part was telling you in the first place the easiest part is loving you because you my sexy darlin make it so so easy 🙂

    I LOVE YOU with all that I am I lay here with my heart for the taking..but I think you have it already you have always had it even if you never realised it has always been yours and always will be yours.

    -Love always the girl who loves you

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