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    When you fuck someone over enought times, play mindgames, and are passive- aggressive to the point of abuse, people have zero tolerance after a certain point. And it gets that way when the person who is constantly fucked over knows they shouldn’t believe the other anymore, yet they do. People begin to act out over the smallest of things in reaction to the other’s silence on important matters due to frustration and broken promises. I’m so used to this that instead of being angry, I’m numb. It’s like being de-sensitized by exposure. You give so little, but you expect so much. I expect so little and I get zilch until I’m gone. It’s a stupid cycle. One in which you choose to do and up to this point I have chosen to engage in. There’s no point. I have good things in my life and it’s about time I pay more attention to the things that uplift me instead of holding onto the anchor I let drag me down. You had your chance to communicate effectively with me, you don’t want to for whatever reason, now leave me be then. You do this shit and it’s so unnecessary. No wonder you have regrets. Goodbye.

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    1. D
      September 13, 2013 at 7:04 pm

      Dear Author:

      Did you ever stop to consider that the person you are speaking about was so confused by their feelings for you & unsure of how you felt & was too afraid to communicate with you effectively, so instead they “acted out” in an attempt to shut down feelings for you so that they wouldn’t be hurt? Well, you should. It happens.

      Sometimes, after you have been through so much, you get tired and you don’t ever want to have feelings again, then BOOM, after 4 years of not having any you suddenly find yourself not only with feelings, but loving someone, and it both shocks & scares you at the same time…hopefully you didn’t really give up on this person as your letter reads…When you come across someone who shuts things down like that, be patient….they are trying…Because they love you. Your person could be sitting at home with a broken heart right now thinking about you. So call him/her or text them. Fix things.


    2. author
      September 13, 2013 at 8:54 pm

      @D – this is not my situation at all. I know you have identified with parts of my situation on many of my letters….just seems you identify more with my person than with me. =o)


    3. D
      September 14, 2013 at 3:17 pm

      @Author knowing that there is someone else like me out there is kind of scary lol Good luck! If she is like me…you definitely need it 😉



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