• Scared

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    Sometimes i have no idea what to say to you. i will never send you this because i’m tired of the way you just say “k” like it’s an okay response…

    we sit around and kiss and hug and everything is as perfect as it has ever been for me. i just want you to be around me all the time. i think i’m starting to fall for you. you make me happy. you save me from the hole i dig myself into when left to myself. i like how we are never serious but at the same time we are the most serious people in the world… we have the same thoughts on important things.. it’s just great. i want this to last for the rest of my life. we joke about it.. us being together forever. it scares the shit out of me.

    something i’m worried about though..and i know i shouldn’t be.. i’m graduating this year. i have no idea how to approach the subject to you. i will be starting college somewhere and you will still be in school. what if i’m not here? i wanna know how you feel about that.. i’m not good with being direct with you though. there are certain things i’m wanting out of my life. i’m so scared you are going to head in a different direction then me.

    i just want us to stay together. i honestly don’t want to lose you. i normally don’t care about other people but.. i care about you. stay strong with me?

    yours truly,


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