• now your gone mwah mwah

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    Now you’re gone I feel so sad all the emotional feelings I had have come back I’m just sitting here crying thinking about you, I miss you so much already I feel sick I don’t know what to do because i’m so in love with you, I feel like I can’t live without you around me without you in my life even as a friend just being around you changes my attitude I feel so happy when you are here and so sad and empty hollow and all together completely shit when you are not.

    I held it together for your sake but It all just came flooding back when the door was shut and I was on my own all the feelings I have ever known were there, rolling down my cheeks and falling to floor and soaking into the carpet. It’s been nearly two hours and i’m still crying I must look ridiculously stupid but to be quite honest I don’t care. I really miss you I really love you and I really need you in my life. I didn’t realise things could be this hard nothing helps, only you it was so nice to see you but so sad to see you go I need to get back because that’s when everything changed I need you in my life in what ever way is possible. Because I can’t live without you.

    I had to turn the radio off because it was playing songs that remind me of you.

    I know u are un happy too and i’m not insisting it’s because we are not in each other’s lives but I know it doesn’t help.

    And this distance between us
    Has has come and cut us clean as
    A sharp blade
    And this distance between us
    Has made my heart as weak as
    Silk that’s frayed..

    (Nina nesbit hold you)lyrics

    I love you so much..
    And I really miss you

    Mwah mwah.

    -Love the girl whose heart is always yours

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