• My darling

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    I loved every single part of who you are. I loved the good and accepted the bad. Each one of your quirks made me fall deeper into the deepest, most intoxicating exhilarating, freeing existence that was loving you. The gold specs of your uneven eyes, the way your laugh lines textured your cheeks. You are truly one of gods masterpieces. I guess I was bitter because you were never going to be mine to keep. But I would not have given up the little time I had wrapped in your arms and pressed up against your chest for anything. I guess my mind stole and ran with dreams of a future life you were always meant to share with another. I saw our little girls, they had your smile, your warmth and the curl of your hair. You’ll always be special in my heart and especially my soul. I loved you with all my being my darling. In the end I got too caught up in the dream of you and I that I lost track your true path. Now you are happier than ever before, with not even a single ounce of sadness or sense of loss for my lack of presence in your life. You will never hold my hand, kiss my lips or make love to me. Instead your life moves on harmoniously with your chosen partner created from perfection itself. It is she who gets to call you hers, who gets to kiss your mouth and whom you make deep soul connecting love to. The more time passes, the quicker the dream fades. I can hardly picture our beautiful girls anymore but you’ll never get a glimpse or get to hear their laughs. The type I know they would have inherited from their daddy. I loved you and once upon a time I know you loved me to.


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