• Drugs.

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    A moth keeps banging into my bedroom light. It looks like it would hurt… and maybe burn a little. But that little guy keeps at it, day and night.

    I’d love to call it stupid, but honestly… I can relate.


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    1. lifetimeago
      August 25, 2013 at 1:07 pm

      Drugs are bad. Period. They destroy trust thereby destroying relationships – romances, platonic, family. And the effects on jobs and money?! It took me YEARS to come back from the money problems alone and I was only heavily into drugs for a year and a half. My first true love relationship was completely killed by drugs. It alters all perceptions. It creates problems and exacerbates them. The longer you go, the harder it is to stop. You take a step forward and three back. But you KNOW you are going nowhere. You already admit this to yourself. Now figure out WHY you are doing it. Do you have confidence issues, do you hate yourself, do you have a bad homelife, etc?…You get to the WHY, and heal that why and you can be better prepared to stop your relationship with drugs. Only you can heal yourself. Only you. Drugs do not lead you anywhere good. They will either make you spiral until you hit rock bottom, or you will be stuck in time for years to come before you spiral and hit rock bottom. It’s your choice. You have a choice, no matter how fucked you think the situation is. But know this….where you are now and stopping now, is a better place/time than later. Good luck, I mean it.



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