• Something we left unsaid

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    Does this keep happening because we keep making the wrong choices? We’ve been running away from this for years. Maybe we’re supposed to be running towards it. All these years we shared the same hope. You’d think we would have gotten the damn hint already. We are morons.

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    1. There Can Only Be One!
      August 25, 2013 at 7:44 am

      One day I am on top of the world having faith & hope all will be fine & maybe, just maybe, there was sliver of chance, I held onto that no matter how remote and then all I have done it’s back to square one again. We try to see if it will work again(the one thing I honestly want most in this world) and then we both say the opposite. Why do we both do this? I take the baton as I run past you in this “Relay Of Love Struck Moron’s” & as I stride past you not next to you as this race should be done hand in hand as equals & as a Real team for there are no “I’s” in team so this “Moron”, who is in fact being equal parts co-captain & as a captain I should be acting & leading as a leader does. Lead by example & lead so other’s will look up to you with the admiration that is love not all the pain we both dish out.

      I tear my stars off my epaulettes(they sit on your shoulders) for I do not deserve them. So I’ll take this one in what respect if any the team has for me. I have more than helped this team lose the only & most significant race in my life so far. This race that has no record to beat or time to achieve victory for there is no first place, only two broken once pure & more than good natured fun loving hearts which I was a vital part of this relay so called team & for that I accept my part & that is my fault alone for I was part of the most majestic of all magical teams which everyone dreams of & the majority of people make their dreams reality for they were magnificent…called “TEAM MY FIRST TRUE LOVE”.

      As I loving embrace my new demotion of stupidity this moron will admit I played my moronic role which gives me no title or (self)respect so I am “THE MORON”. I love them & I not know if they love me or not for we say words that say YES & then no? & then embarrass myself & THEM more importantly for why do we say those things to those we are in love with? I’m more than a moron. I have lost my entire dignity & integrity by doing the one thing I never thought, like or would have imagined ? I said the words that should never be said to the one we love most…words that only the devil’s puppet would say for what loving soul from God’s flock would say things to one of God’s most treasured souls.

      I am more than a MORON! I hope this makes you smile or helps you in anyway heal even slightly for everything that I said. I forgave you long ago, I really did & this has gone on for far too long…just like many of my comments hahahaha. Believe me I never wanted this to happen like it has. This may make you laugh? I wanted to have it all with you & grow old together, I used to dream of what was going to unfold & instead look at what present I have given you…one not needed or wanted!

      All I have ever wanted was YOU, You won’t believe this & don’t have to & I understand why.

      I may sound sad, weak, mean, why not use every hurtful word in the dictionary. It matter’s not to me, & if you ever met me face to face you would never believe it or sense as people will only see a person who makes them smile & laugh & has always ensured everyone they come across is happy. Since a young person I have always said if your happy I’m happy & thus why I have many life long friends. Even they don’t see the real unmasked me when I’m alone when I go to sleep at night alone by choice now, for I never wish to hurt another soul like I have done.

      Only words from them will mean anything to me & not in a anonymous name, it’s up to you as I can’t ask anything from you. Remember the middle name we made up for you one time that the character was in a cartoon that was a constant race?& we both laughed profusely at. You may not even remember, I’ll never know.
      Don’t let this stop anyone belittling me as I will take it wholeheartedly & respectfully for nothing
      much can hurt me more than what has already been said say so please feel free to say anything you like about me dear commentators, this is for one person who means more to me than anything in this world. No word describes my part in this once golden race of beauty.The only thing I can do as a final
      sign of respect for them in this race that this isn’t a intentional game of lies, deception, raw comedy-though it has may seem like one, pain, jest or parody.


      So I disqualify myself as I hand this full admission in to the one person who this is for.
      Sorry does not cut it & there is nothing I can say that will show my remorse & embarrassment.

      Sincerely humbled this once compassionate man:D

      P.S. I take that title from you for there can only be one MORON. Haven’t you watched the movie “Highlander” with Christopher Lambert….THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. So let me win this race?

    2. author
      August 25, 2013 at 11:24 am

      Highlander this letter was not written to you, however, I can relate to some of your sentiments. I am not your person though.

    3. Lol!
      August 25, 2013 at 2:44 pm

      For such a smart and beautiful man, why would you want to win that race? Would it really feel like winning?

    4. @LOL
      August 28, 2013 at 10:54 pm

      Of course I wouldn’t want to win such a race. I was showing empathy & compassion as I was accepting my role in the downfall of my love lost. When you can show humility & be humble about it then slowly I’m on that step closer to being a better man. No one is always right & we all make mistakes that was all. I didn’t like seeing a stranger write such a thing & I thought I could make them smile & realise they are like many in the same boat as others.

    5. Lol!
      August 30, 2013 at 6:17 am

      (I’m not actually laughing) -responding. my apologies, I just noticed your response. Your words can be confusing sometimes. Empathy and compassion are very important in life. I’m glad you are working on bettering yourself. I, myself am at a point in my life that is a struggle and self improvement is necessary. I still have a lot of work to do and hope its a nice distraction from missing a friend (wishing they were at least still a friend). Sometimes, I guess you have to just let go of things and accept the fact that its not within your power to do anything(not an easy feat for me)… and start grabbing hold of things I can manage and just hope for the best.

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