• Just a dream.

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    How are you?
    I miss you . I think about you every day. I have been thinking of you for 24 hours straight. Today I daydreamed about our future life. I couldn’t stop smiling.

    We read books together, talked about books we’ve read over imported wine, traveled to each other’s homeland, had date night every Friday where we explored new restaurants. Watched great, classic movies and would cuddle up on rainy nights.

    When I took you to my home land you loved our food and we rode horses on the beach. We did many of my other favourite things and I showed you all my favourite places. We went zip lining, we hiked, walked amazing nature trails. We went to parties and danced all night. We were the envy of every couple. I also took you to carnival and you were shocked when I showed you my ‘outfit’. We laughed so hard. You also hung out with my dad and he took you to his farm and his hometown and all our relatives loved you. He took you fishing and you told him a lot of things. Then you asked my dad if you could marry me, then he said ..no. Then he smiled, took your hand and and said of course! I rather no other man on this earth take her hand than you. That was shocking coming from my father of all fathers.

    We came back home and told everyone about our trip and planned our wedding. Your parents were delighted to hear the news. Everyone eventually warmed up to our relationship. We married, had a wonderful home, great sex and a beautiful son who was the spitting image of you. The only time we fought was when you thought I was hogging the kids. We grew old together and one day one of our grandchildren came to us in worry. We told her about the struggle, the taboo and the beauty of our relationship and it became a catalyst for her to pursue hers along with many other intricate ambitions. In her college essay she spoke about us; we were her inspiration. We taught her to follow her heart and always go for what she wants despite of the circumstances and also strategic planning hehe. I also wrote a book about our lives called ‘My double Ds.’ My dilemmas, my daring-ness, determination, devotion, everything D that lead up to one of the best things that had ever happened. A life with you.

    Wow. That is some dream. I try to think positive when I think about us so I don’t become sad. I wish you would meet me half way.

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    1. The Dream
      August 25, 2013 at 9:47 am

      Wow, this dream is but a dream for me, one Author that is so similar to who she was that….I do not know:( I will never know sadly. The back & forth up and downs…every single moment was worth it. I look back and there were little f any negatives. It all just got blown out of proportion and now it is just that….The Dream I had always wanted and would still make happen, turning a dream into reality. You can’t be her though as my father is dead, only recently & she didn’t even come to his funeral. It’s OK though & I don’t hold it against her or am even angry, just a fleeting comment reminiscing, nothing more, I only wanted a shoulder to cry on when I had to be the “Man”, even when I went to she her, she never answered the door as I crumbled, who had to be the rock for everyone else so when that rock crumbled under all the duress no one was or has been there for him. I miss him so dearly. The things I never said to him or did the things to make a father proud of his son. My lst words were whilst crying to him on deaths door…I’m sorry Dad that I’m not the son that I should have been, you were always there for me & yet I will never have the one dream I always wished for you to see come to fruition. Being there the day my dream of getting married to her “My Future Wife”. He & I both had tears in our eyes and then with over 20 people surrounding him in the hospice he died:( & Everyone thinks I’m strong for he is a man who organised the funeral, everything. I lost her, my one true love in part for trying to save my father life. I failed and lost not just both of them, I spent nearly everything I had, a few hundred thousand which was all I had left from a previous relationship as it was for my home. Luckily I have worked so hard this year much to my detriment that I have been able to see that happen. I would spend it all again just to see him again, even if for one day. Just one hour. Just one minute.

      Your dream is so beautiful I could only wish that one day my dream of being married & having a family with the woman I love will become not a dream but reality. I wonder if it is you as she writes so many? I’ll never know.

      P.S. Dear author if this is not she then this man is once more not just a man who was crazy in love, but now a fool, and after writing tonight a moron. God I feel good. Goodnight, sweetest dreams & may your dream become reality for you sooner than later. It will happen for the majority of us are loving souls not oh so wounded.

    2. @The Dream
      August 28, 2013 at 7:57 pm

      Sorry, No. Im not her. But I hope you will be with your true love once again. Good luck ! People have very similar situations. You never know util you know. Talk to her directly.

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