• Dead and deader

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    The one thing I wanted most to do was take a long walk outside after being locked in my house for years.

    I can’t even do that, because people are being randomly targeted for no-purpose violence.

    What the hell is up with the generation these days?

    YOLO and Carpe Diem doesn’t cut shit when your family members and loved ones are grieving over your dead body.

    It might have worked in the past. But not with the way conditions are these days.

    To teenagers: Have a shitty family? Get the fuck out of there and find a real family then. Not a fucking gang. Real families don’t steal from each other, rape each other’s relatives.

    Go to a fucking foster home. Find a real family. There’s always some good parents looking for someone to care for.

    If this still does not convince you, think about your future.
    I’m not talking about education or a sad little desk job.
    I’m talking about all the memories that will haunt you.

    I shit you not. You will regret all the wrong things you do as soon as you do it. Or hell, even worse, it’ll all bottle up inside of you until A) you go insane. Or B) you’re old and alone. And of course, C) when you’re sitting in your own pool of blood dying.

    A gang is a lose-lose situation. A gang is not a way for protection. Moving is a way for protection. Ratting those bitches out to the cops are a way for protection.

    If this still isn’t enough reason: Stand up for your fucking loved ones. Not for yourselves. Stand up for your mom, or your dad, or your fucking younger siblings. Joining a gang will only get them killed. Then all that reason for “joining” was a fucking waste.

    The truth is a bitch. But it’s a bitch for a reason. It’s trying to slap you back into reality to do something right.

    So, kids. Adults. Whoever the fuck was thinking of doing something as dumb as this. Don’t think of how “cool” or “badass” you’ll be once you’re a gangbanger.

    Do something good with your life instead. And if you’re really into the daredevil stuff, do something to defy those hoodlums. Yeah, there might be no heroes around. So why not become the one and only in your community?

    Now that shit sounds a lot more badass, dead or alive. You’d be one of a kind.

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