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    Stride iD, spearmint, sugar-free. I like minty gum. Haven’t had any in a while so I went out and bought a pack yesterday. Put the first piece in my mouth and all of a sudden, bam. The floor of memories felt like a punch in the chest. Isn’t it funny how our brains bond such strong images with things like scents and flavours?

    I had given you my last piece of gum on our last date in the park, the last day of August. So many lasts. I didn’t notice the significance of it then. I kissed you as we sat on a flat rock in the middle of the stream, the sky blue and the leaves changing color all around us. You tasted like spearmint gum. When we broke away you caught sight of a gorgeous yellow leaf gently spiraling down toward the ground, glowing as it caught the sun’s rays. You smiled and said “Oh. That was beautiful. I’m glad I saw that.” And then you turned away, not giving it another mention. Sometimes I feel like that sums us up rather well.

    Well, so much for spearmint. I’m switching to juicyfruit.

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