• my earth angel I want you I love you I need you

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    I just wanted to drop in and say a quick hello to tell you that I love you and please don’t be sad because when you’re sad I feel sad too.

    I LoVe you so much and would do just about anything in fact not just about I would do anything for you my heart it beats for you every second of the day you are all I think about and long to be with.

    I just want you to be happy I don’t want you to be sad I want the best for you.

    Hey I can’t wait till we go away together it should be great just being in your presence for a week will be the best.

    Alothough I must try and contain myself after i’ve had a few drinks lol I know for sure I am going to tell you how I feel about you face to face and not chicken out like I have before oh god I hope I don’t spend time with you by myself because it could be kinda hard to not try and kiss you
    (yes I must try to contain myself) because if I did and you let me baby I wouldn’t stop I would kiss you so tenderly and make up for all the times I have wanted to..or I could just snog your face off until u couldn’t breathe lol..

    of course I would do a hell of a lot more stuff to you if u would let me and wanted me to but this is not the site to be talking about it on..

    Oh god I can just picture you sexy body right now that sexy ass of yours I used to love looking at when you gave me the chance lol

    You are amazing not just for your sexy good looks amazing eyes and gorgeous body but because you are you and I love you for being you the most caring person I have ever met, you are by far simply amazing..

    I wish I could take you away somewhere far away just me and you together alone I am aching for you I long to be close to you I long to touch you and please you and make you so happy. We wouldn’t even have to do anything if you didn’t want to just being with you is enough for me.

    Today like everyday I just want to give you a massive hug so tight like a bear hug until u couldn’t breathe and then id let you go and kiss your button nose and maybe your neck and make my way down your whole body with my tongue, while you start to tingle with anticipation.. yeah ill shut up now I don’t want to give to much of my imagination away..

    I just love you so much and when I am with you make me happy you make me laugh and smile.

    I wish I could turn over from a good nights sleep of being with you in my arms and open my eyes to see you there sleeping soundly breathing quietly beside me seeing you open your eyes and telling me to stay in bed with you all day of course I would wait on you hand and foot but in the breaks jumping back in bed with you under the covers πŸ˜‰ pleasuring your every need.

    God I love you so much you don’t even realise..but that’s ok because I am going to start showing you slowly bit by bit my love for you. I don’t want to scare you away because u are my world you are all I want and need and love.

    ANYWAY my batteries going to die better plug the charger in and get some food ill keep looking for what we have been talking about I love you lots please cheer up and don’t be sad i’ll do anything to make you happy. Talk to me more I don’t bit unless you want me to bite and nibble you πŸ˜‰

    I Love you sexy.

    -Love the girl who longs to be with you forever and always.

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