• Just stop

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    I cry in the morning, and on the way to work. I cry on the way home, and at night.

    Everything, It is too much.

    Love, I want to spend time with You. But you are too stressed out. And I have to clean, because you won’t. And you are busy, and board. And by the time we get there, one of us is fighting. I miss the man that used to want to touch me, look at me, talk to me…. not just interact with technology. Please just stop. Come back to me.

    Mother, I have no money, no sympathy. You always want want want. Well I Wanted to know my Real parents. You are worse than I ever imagined. Get a job. Stop sleeping with everything that moves. Just stop. Grow up.

    Mom, Everything with you is tainted. Disappointment, Disapproval, Disregard. STOP assuming. Find out who I actually am.

    Grandpa, I wanted to know you. But you laugh at my dreams, and tell me someones death is ‘none of my concern’. Just stop talking. I lived 20 years without you, you are not necessary.

    Auntie, I wanted to be just like you. And I probably am. But I don’t want to be judgmental, shallow, cruel, or your brand of bad ass. Just leave me alone. I don’t need anymore influence from you.

    Just everyone please, Stop with the negatives, I know my faults. I know they outnumber any good qualities or talents I posses. But please, just Stop.

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