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    OMFG !

    You’ve been having this affair since we started? HAHAHA.

    Shouldn’t have left your Facebook page open ! My luck…
    It’s good on one hand, but just mind blowing on the other.
    It’s the rage that has allowed me to get through this awful
    time. Christ Almighty. Now I get it…what those soldiers in
    Iraq and Vietnam went through. You disguised yourself so well
    like the enemy, with this constant outpouring of love,
    DAILY YOU M F46$^%$&@%@ !!!!!!
    to the point where I didn’t know what end was up.
    Now I see that EVERY SOLITARY gut feeling I had about you was spot on!

    Fake name on Facebook. Hiding shit. Hiding ME !! Oh, NO GD wonder
    no one would comment on my posts! Totally abnormal. I’m sure you had your settings to where, what…3 people could see?
    LOL. IVARS? (“Why are you commenting back to Ivars? He cant see that.” RED FLAG! But NOOO. “I don’t hide posts !!” ..your words)
    I see he’s a relative FFS. That’s not even HIS real name. It’s his first and middle name. Related to who? Hahahahaha

    Are you the most morally CORRUPT person on the planet? No, I don’t believe that. I do believe John Gotti had more honor than you have,
    though. To lead me on like you have? This forever shit?
    What in the HELL could possess someone to do that? To take advantage
    of such caring I bestowed on you…it’s beyond my realm of thinking.

    Oh, I just answered my own question. What possessed you. The DEVIL is what possesses you !
    Honestly, I have worked with some real slime balls. It was the nature of the business I suppose,but these guys lied their asses off to well meaning people investing 5, 10. 15,000+ in gold or silver. Same in the mortgage business. It sickened me.

    But women? NEVER, ever have I seen such a con artist. If the 3-4 cons before were ‘untrustworthy’ as I (now) determined, they would be maybe a 3 on the scale. At least they didn’t nor would it ever likelyenter their minds to be planning a FUTURE together ! Much less be saying right back to me, that’s what they wanted !! Not you. In your world,rules of conduct are made to be broken. You sick F

    “My Rock ” ????? Hell, I was only “your rock” to the extent that I was a diversion from your undying love to a MARRIED MAN !! (Or has a close GF…I couldn’t tell) You know, every woman I have met worth a flip wouldn’t go after a married man. They sure wouldn’t be writing love letters all day. Christ Almighty, no wonder you don’t work. You’re too busy writing love letters! I think you also post Craigslist ads for men, as you’re all dolled up every morning…and disappear every afternoon. Nowhere to be found. I never could bring myself
    to try to reach you in the afternoon. I had a gut feeling about this and in all reality, at the time I didn’t want to know.

    HOW DARE ME give you such freedom !! How absolutely ….I am SO MAD at myself. You F-ing manipulative queen ! You set me up. So being the accommodating person I am, I’m not going to bug you. Now it’s all clear as a bell. All your Facebook long distance romances? Yeah right. Like you would KNOW that some guy from Canada cheated on you. More of your MIND GAMES

    “Oh, poor girl” they all cried. YOU LIAR !!! Your whole game is to set everything up in advance with your friends.Make the good guy giving you all the love in his heart, change his life plans (in my case) but then BADMOUTH him to your friends….cause YOU’RE cheating on him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can only imagine the amount of false stories you spread to your friends.

    I can just hear you….you LIAR !!! Controlling, insecure, on and one.It’s right out of the book. HIILWAN is the title. They will call you this,none of it’s true, but they work you into a way where they can control you.Insecure? F YOU. I wasn’t until I met you.In hindsight, I had every REASON to question you. That’s not insecure. It’s because I DON’T BELIEVE YOU .YOU F !!!

    I can’t believe the GUY would have anything to do with you. Mr. Gorgeous (as you used the term several times..believe me,
    I had a tiny question about that) with all this money? WHY would he want someone like you? Because you have him CONNED based on what I read.I see you have been on,off,on ,off,on,off. You’re the epitome of dysfunction! Unreal. The guy can’t be that smart, to not be able to see that as soon as you’ve pushed the other woman out, that you will GO BACK exactly as you are ! The cycle will start allover again.
    The narcissist books ALL read as though they were writing about you.
    Thank God you left your Facebook open.Confirmed every suspicion I had.

    Selfish beyond any extent I have ever seen. Narcissist? He obviously can’t see see it. Does he know there’s a level of a Narcissist that
    basically lives to destroy a man??? Because from my vantage point, that’s where you are at. If the FEW others were bad, you’re a 12 on a 10 scale.
    You’ll ruin him too. Again, for the umpteenth time. ANARC makes you BELIEVE they love you. You will NEVER ever doubt that you’ve been so loved. I didn’t. But it’s not real. Oh, this one is different. My soulmate. God, I WISH he could see all the undying love messages I HAVE. They’re the same WORDS !!!!!!!! Nothing is different.

    A Narcissist is incapable of being real. People are not people. They are OBJECTS.

    Because a NARC just wants a trophy. It’s all a game to them. Once they have you, then CHAOS starts up. Vicious cycle that will ruin anyone. F YOU. It’s not going to ruin me you emotional criminal. I have half a notion to try and start kind of an AA organization. Because I KNOW HOW DANGEROUS these people are. Maybe I was supposed to experience this, so that I could do something great. Something great means you TOUCH LIVES. You help people. You help society.

    It’s a very serious disease. It’s worse than cancer. Oh? Guess what a**hole? People SURVIVE cancer. Hardly anyone survives a Narcissist !!!!!!!!!!! YUP. You’re worse than cancer. Imagine that….

    I am SO DONE with you woman. God help this man…your lover.
    God help me too. I’ve never been betrayed or lied to like this in my life.
    Go return to the Valley of Jezebel.
    Call on your Father.The Devil.

    I’m so MAD at myself I can’t see straight. No wonder men, or rather you women claim so many men are control freaks. Why? That’s easy. FEW of you can truly be trusted. Now, if you meet one in college, comes from a good family, loves her dad, has moral character.(lol. Photographer for some big fashion company. What TRASH…i.e., LIE

    OK. The good ones are married. F ME..the idiot. I had to push it. I was after the absolute best.
    That’s what I’m scared about the most. That I may have to adopt that posture. It kills me to even think that way. Control? I hate that.
    FU*****g retard that I am. Right ! A 50/50 relationship. No control. Or let her have it, I actually decided. My wife wanted it Christ. I regret not giving it to her. The GirlNext Door. So morally sound. Beautiful. 16 years younger. RUINED me for other
    women for years because she had such a hot body.

    Then there was Sara. Sara was the first woman I saw after we decided to separate.
    Papers blew out of my hand..and she snagged it right out of the air. When she walked up I hope my jaw didn’t drop. I had never
    in my life seen a more beautiful woman. Movie stars included. Me? On one shoulder sat an Angel. On the other sat The Wiley Devil.

    One is screaming at me: “My God man ! This is a sign! You’ve been such a good guy your whole life, never f-ed anyone over, this
    is God rewarding you ! Oh,I heard that one :-)~

    Then the Angel, a male, was saying “Come on man. You just separated from your wife yesterday. Don’t be a sleazeball. It’s not over. You separated before and got married. It’s not right.”


    Tune in next time ….

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    17 Responses to I FOUND YOUR DIARY…you CON ARTIST !!!!

    1. britney
      August 23, 2013 at 7:23 pm

      I understand you are angry at your person but honestly you should say thank you….cuz your person just saved you from further wasting your time.

      Now turn around and walk away. No dont walk….RUN.

      And lastly…learn a lesson from it. Its like you think that every new relationship must outshine the one before. The way you worded it makes that apparent. Thats where you went wrong. Every person is different. No quality deserves comparison. Just because you got burned doesnt mean you must turn to ash. Remove yourself. Bandage that shit up and keep it moving. Shit happens true. Its how we react and cope that makes the difference.

      Keep your head up. You got a bad hand. Discard. Redraw. Dont just keep the queens and kings because sometimes its the 2 that allows you to win.


    2. EMpty Cup
      August 24, 2013 at 11:17 am

      Thank you Britney.

      I had told a story to this person early on. I felt befor I met them, that my well had run dry.
      I’m of the belief that one is allotted X amount of loves in their life.

      Let me make that more accurate. “Know Thyself” …I think I do. I also know that while I have ‘held back’
      in many relationships, I may have hidden some feelings so they weren’t so obvious (once had a rule that they said ‘I love you’ first…served me well) but there were some that I did care for a lot.

      Granted, I have been dealt lousy hands for a few years. That’s why I was hoping to end this search, as
      it is too much. I’m an emotional person and when I fell, it’s not halfway. The other encourged this, enjoyed it, delighted in it, reciprocated it, etc. It was mutual.

      I was sincere when I said “You are my last love.” She returned the sentiment as often as I said it.

      I’m one of these weird-ohs who has to have some emotion behind any bedroom romp. I don’t know, I just remember drives home in the morning (generally not that long after a breakup of a real relationship, that were so lonely, so shallow, so empty that it was painful in a sense) so I am real selective to avoid those drives home. The last one was especially awful. I also can’t just jump right into another.

      Bottom line. This one ignored any of that. She disappeared and we never even had a fight. We had maybe 3-4 and 75% were always cleared up within 24 hours.

      But the fact is, she loved someone else. She has for a LONG time. She kept it hidden.
      I was nothing more than a safety net to keep her sane while she pined for this guy who was unavailable.
      She is just using men, kind, generous men, allowing them to open their hearts at her encouragement and support, confirmed with comments of “You and Me” forever.

      All while she loves another man 10x as much.

      So yeah, I was on my last love. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m capable of it in the future.
      My well has runneth dry.
      I think I’ll take reasonably attractive and safe over any ‘Lust come first ‘ deal (ouch. Hard to swallow as all mine have been..pretty, funny and smart..whew) before her

      Ps. Please don’t take this as whining, I am far from being any form of whimp. I’m just venting into the air.
      Yes, maybe it’s a self imposed attitude. But how many times can this deepest part of you be tapped?
      I kinda liked, no…I really liked the fact that there was a side of me, the old me, that was opened up again.
      It was reserved for one person. This person didn’t deserve it, in hindsight, but I believe that level of caring should be for one, not many.

      But I’ll work on it. Who knows? I try to take full responsibility for everything, as in 100%
      Hell, I may find myself back at the gurus office *God, they are expensive* and dig into the subconscious
      and figure out how I have attracted 3 NARCs in a row !

      I hope to hell I’m not hard on the next one, but I’ll tell ya. I won’t take one OUNCE of misbehavior or questionable circumstances the rest of my adult life. Three strikes, with clear explanations of the boundaries or rules, will be explained. It willl be up to them if their ‘Oh, I Love you so much’ is worth an ounce of credibility.

      I do appreciate your attempt at being helpful. I’ll use some of it, so your efforts weren’t wasted.


    3. britney
      August 25, 2013 at 6:09 pm

      Sweet as that might sound…..never fret. My helpfulness is never wasted. It just comes in handy much earlier for some people. Nevertheless it comes from a good place. Best wishes.


    4. Unclear re: Helpful ness
      August 26, 2013 at 6:05 am

      Thank you for your acknowledgement.

      “My helpfulness is never wasted. It just comes in handy much earlier for some people.”

      I just had one question as it was confusing. What does the sentence mean in your comment?
      The one directly above?

      Even the “Sweet as that might sound…..never fret.” doesn’t seem to match the subject matter,
      in the least, so let me stick with the single question issue.
      Maybe you could say it another way, word it differently, as it’s unclear. Almost cryptic in a sense.

      Oh, how I wish it was a few months and we never got entangled to the point of promising ourselves to
      one another, Heck, then it would have been a favor. I wasted 18 valuable months, lost thousands upon thousands, and learned I was being lied to, repeatedly. As much as I would love to adopt the ‘she did me a favor’ attitude. She didn’t do me ONE favor. The one who tipped me off about her cheating did me a favor.

      Yes, I know everyone is writing into cyberspace. But the answer is disjointed. As though they wanted to make a point but didn’t read the letter. I knew someone like that…they could have cared less when I needed any comfort in any sense, the subject was always turned around to where it became about her.
      Truly, it was in hindsight, someone with a twisted mind. One would never know it or see it on the surface, though. It would take a genius to finally see the real person. It’s one of the bigger problems in society today, in my opinion.

      The comment at the top just comes off as though it has some tone of one being passive aggressive.

      It’s clearly impossible I know you, but your words and comments have such a familiar ring to them.
      lol. But birds of a feather…flock….

      Surely not to the same website ! Hahahhaha
      The odds of that are impossible. I do recognize that

      Thanks again


    5. britney
      August 26, 2013 at 5:42 pm

      Whether u like it or not…they did u a favor. Let me state it differently….in 5 years you could have really got screwed. Dont question everything…..im not anyone to you. I dont know you. I mean that ive had people laugh at me for my pure heart anf later they learn that had they believed me they would have been better off.

      ….Or do i know you really??? Do tell


    6. britney
      August 26, 2013 at 5:45 pm

      O jeezuz….seriously?


    7. britney
      August 26, 2013 at 5:51 pm

      I have nothing more to say. Goodbye


    8. Funny as Fuck
      August 27, 2013 at 7:47 am

      When you finally no longer care for the other hurt you so much.& yesI wonder if she is Britany, for I haven’t even commented yet she has so many names on here I believe so it doesn’t matter. This site means it is to fare gone and for some like me who were once pure and honest we get sucked into their world of evil pure and simple. DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING


    9. 20/20
      August 27, 2013 at 9:41 am

      Yes, it’s obvious I don’t know know you.

      Does anyone?

      Who was the female equivalent of Sir Laurence Olivier?

      How interesting the article

      “Acting is a masochistic form of exhibitionism. It is not quite the occupation of an adult.”
      Laurence Olivier



    10. britney
      September 1, 2013 at 7:43 pm

      The way you word what you are saying is confusing. Do you live in the states? If you in fact knew me you would not speak negatively so i can say you in fact dont know me.

      Advice for future….dont question everything.


    11. "Question everything"
      September 2, 2013 at 5:58 pm

      I’m too lazy right now to look up the originator of the above, famous quote.


      Lol. Timothy Leary?

      I think it was Buddha.

      Yes, you know me.
      By the company you kept….

      (So do I listen to you? Or these guys? )


    12. Advice...
      September 3, 2013 at 5:07 am

      That man like so many of us has been burnt. End of story. No I don’t know you or anyone as I have perfect 20/20 vision. Acting, well to say that is misleading? Do you watch T.V., bands, go to the movies, watch plays or theatre? You better stop going then because they are all acting too & you wouldn’t want to have double standards?

      Britany we all have said words we shouldn’t have on here & real life. Advice…smile.


    13. britney
      September 7, 2013 at 10:42 pm

      Okay now im listening as you apparently have more to say. Company i kept? That says nothing to me. Listen to all just dont believe but half you hear………MOST IMPORTANTLY…dont question everything. Why you ask? Because the truth always reveals in time. Spend your energy in something positive that benefits you. By blasting some woman whether right or wrong you are allowing her to control you. Maybe not physically but its clear she consumes your mind. Dont you think its time you change that? Believe me….i was there. At some point you just have to throw your hands up and be real. REPEAT AFTER ME….i am a good person that loved fully and was wronged. I am better than that and i deserve better.

      Its okay to still love them. When people are hurt that doesnt squash feelings instantly. Just know that not everybody is capable of loving just as you do.


    14. britney
      September 7, 2013 at 10:54 pm

      And ps…buddha is a fine young man.

      And i always smile, i cant help it, so that advice made no sense.


    15. Let your conscience be your guide
      December 28, 2013 at 1:48 pm

      said Jiminy Cricket.


    16. Too cryptic
      December 28, 2013 at 7:32 pm
    17. I guess I got a good one
      December 28, 2013 at 7:46 pm

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