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    I lost my job today. I think. But they wouldn’t commit to firing me. There might be more work in a few months she said. Said I could find another job if I couldn’t sustain until she had work again. Told me that if I knew how to do more things she could better employ me, when there wasn’t times to just sand and paint. I wanted to mention that I used to be able to… I could do all that stuff when I got there, before they trained me to paint instead.

    She said that she used to work her butt off, and live without electricity or water, with few bills to balance out the feast or famine cycles. I felt like she expected me to do that, that I was been stupid by having the apartment. I lived so long with out real walls, or heat, and sporadic water that I didn’t want to live my whole life like that. And now I was expected to.

    I have some nights at the Valley coming up, but not very many. I heard the gym was hiring, but that was a little while ago, so I don’t know if they still are. I’m stressed out about how to pay the bills coming up, and think back to when we had lots in savings.

    I just want you to come home back from work, when we can be happy and deal with things together. December is the next time you’ll be home, then back up north for awhile more. Your brother comes home soon. He keeps trying to get me to leave you. No one ever seems to want to spend an evening doing something fun, they have their own lives now I guess.

    Please come home soon. I need you.

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