• Dear love,

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    I am trying hard to see the bright side of this situation. Everyone agrees that waiting a year is the sensible, mature thing to do. Almost everyone. There are a few who see the merit in my urge to rush into it, caution be damned. I must say I see the merit in your plan far more than mine. Although mine does have the added bonus of having you and I happen immediately. Maybe you and I are happening right now, come to think of it. So here is a pros and cons list for your plan, which I am sticking to as you leave me no other choice.

    -Waiting and waiting and waiting
    -There’s no time like the present
    -My friends and family think I’m insane
    -I feel helpless
    -Slow torture
    -I’m impatient

    -Very responsible
    -Very mature
    -It effectively illustrates how stubborn you are
    -Also how well you stick to your moral code
    -It allows you to dominate me without lifting a finger
    -Gives time for me to make sure that this is what I want (spoiler: it is)
    -Gives me time to grieve the end of my previous relationship
    -It establishes a firm and clear image of what is expected
    -It is built solidly on the foundation of everything we ever meant to each other
    -I feel helpless
    -It gives me the chance to atone for the ways I have wronged you in the past
    -Slow torture
    -It changes the meaning of the most hurtful thing you ever said to me into something beautiful and loving

    Fine, the pros far outweigh the cons and most of the cons are just me being impatient to touch you. You’re right, I’m wrong. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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