• You swore on our friendship.

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    You swore on our friendship that you didn’t flirt.

    Wait- I should start from the beginning.

    My best friend, Lexus, was dating my other best friend, Levi.

    Now Levi, he is a flirt. He hugs girls all the time, jokes with them, but he would NEVER cheat.

    At my local fair/rodeo, Lexus saw these 2 cute guys from a different school. She started hanging out with them and everything with my other friend, Katy. I didn’t want to be apart of it so I left and hungout with my other friends.

    I saw Lexus flirting with one of the guys! She gets all jealous when Levi talks to another girl, yet she can flirt and it’s okay?
    I walked up to her and told her to stop flirting with that guy, and she lied straight to my face.

    ” I swear on our friendship that I didn’t flirt with him.”

    I saw you all up on him and giggling like a school girl!

    Obviously our friendship means nothing to you if you’re going to swear on something that I know isn’t true.

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