• The Last Goodbye

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    You’ll be relieved to know that I finally have gotten it through my head. I now know what I previously did not. When you left town I was left with a mystery and an abruptly ended love affair that I believed was much more than it actually was. For a year I dreamed of you telling me that you were falling so hard for me at the time in our lives, and all this time I was waiting for that closure.

    One year of silence. Nothing. Now, over the past few months of your wayward affection and conversations I have become increasingly angry. I also realized that being angry with you is a lot better than being sad over you.

    I was just someone you liked to have sex with and nothing more.
    So this is it…this is the last unanswered text I’ll ever send your way, this is the last pathetic letter I will never send, and the last song I ever wrote about you is written.

    It’s time for me to move on and I can finally say that I am ready to do that. I now have closure on our brief affair…I know to you it was not a big deal, and to me…well, I think that it’s pretty obvious I fell too hard and I regret wasting so much time on someone who never felt even an inkling of compassion towards me. But, everything happens for a reason and you were just another lesson in my life.

    I actually deleted your phone number so I can’t send any more drunk late night text messages. I am done. I embarrassed myself too many times…put myself out on the line too many times.

    See ya.

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