• I just want to be able to be weak

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    What’s wrong with that?

    Tired of being strong….

    When am I entitled to my nervous breakdown?
    – to be sick
    – to feel lonely
    – to need someone
    – to a break or whoaaaaaaaaa maybe even a vacation without ANY worry (preferably for longer then a day)

    Let’s face it, being strong is a humangis blessing and I know it
    Why does it feel like a curse sometimes?

    Are there any hero’s left who can be a shoulder to a strong woman?

    I want a man who loves me for me without having to hold me in chains or suck me dry to serve his needs – me for me not a comfy cute thing with a huge amount of strength to sail through all Hurricanes
    I suck and have plenty of faults – I want to let them out and learn how to be better. How can I if I always have to hide them to be strong? Why should I if nobody really wants to be part of disaster?
    (Gosh and I have so many ideas on how to even make the amazingly fun)

    I want to be able to dream of happiness again instead avoiding dreams period just not to hurt myself in facing a very different reality.

    I am too old to wish for my knight in shining armor
    …yet for some reason I haven’t given up hope that he is out there somewhere
    LOL I bet he has severe difficulties finding me between work and mm work and mmm wait yeah work and henceforth being too tired to socialize much

    Just venting, sokay, I’m fortunate and my day in the light will come eventually

    I am


    working on that too

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