• Another lonely day

    by  • August 21, 2013 • Lost Love • 0 Comments


    I don’t get what happened between us. We were so compatible and we spoke the same language. For the first time in my life, I felt less alone. You listened. You didn’t judge me. Why did you disappear? What did I do wrong? Know that I know you’re real and that you were actually being honest with me, how do I move on? You could have been the one. We could have made each happy. Now we’ll never know. I feel so alone. You were so interesting to talk to. We have so much in common. We could have traveled the world together. I would have followed you anywhere, everywhere, camera in hand. With you, I would have gained the courage to follow my dream, my passion photography. I could have finally become my true self, free from judgment and ridicule. You could have taken me away from. Now I’m stuck. I will wait for you, if that’s what it takes. I know this is a lot. But deep down you know I’m right. You need me too. I know you’re lonely. That in your solitude on all those mountains, you want someone to love you, to miss you. You want someone to love, i know you do. Youre profile said it all. How do you throw a 95% match? i just don’t get it. You have the tough exterior but you told me that you are loving and passionate and caring inside. You just need the right woman to share yourself with, without fear of judgement. I won’t hurt you, I’ll try so hard. We need each other. You don’t just meet someone like we have and let it go. I know you know this, deep down you want me too. Maybe you’re scared. I am too. Very scared, terrified even. But I’ve waited for you for so long. I can’t just let you go, I can’t quit you just like that. These two weeks have sucked, hell on fire. Always wondering what could have been. I am hurting bad. We could have had it all. What do I do now? How do I replace you? I am lost. Again. Forced to walk this world misunderstood, alone. I just want you to hold me. Even for a little while. I know you don’t believe but God brought us together for a reason. I have to believe that otherwise what’s the point?

    Just talk to me. I miss you.


    PS My body is still on fire. You promised you’d be my first. You wanted to fuck me till I squirted. My toy collection is complete and we still have to night of crazy hotel ahead of us. I want you so desperately I can’t sit still. You drive me crazy. I don’t know what to do anymore. I need you inside me…

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