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    I’ve wanted to stand up to you for so long, but i’ve been too afraid to do so.

    Even after 3 years at a college in another state, i come home to almost run into you at a random bar the next town over. I found myself thanking God as your friends (who have no idea who you really are) explained how you were on a late flight home and that you weren’t joining us.

    It was the truth that I went home because i wasn’t feeling well.
    It was a lie that I would see them again before the summer was over.

    Because the thought of you standing there with your repulsive smile made me nauseous. That after all these years the thought of your hands anywhere near me made me want to run as far away as I could possibly get.

    It doesn’t matter that we were the same age, and it wasn’t “kids just being kids”. My innocence and purity vanished with one question, and by the time i exited that bus I had been changed forever.

    You’re the reason I never let anyone in.
    You’re also the reason I’m so protective of people close to me.

    I almost went to the police and told them about how you bought that old undercover cruiser of theirs and put lights on it to trick your friends, but how I was more worried about you pulling some innocent girl over and hurting her. Because someone like you doesn’t just strike once.
    But with no proof, its just words.

    Words can be powerful, though. Hence why I’m writing this.

    I’m done being afraid of you.

    There will come a time when people will figure out who you really are.
    And I’ll wait patiently for that day to come.

    Because locked away, unable to touch anyone else with those vile hands, I’ll know that even the girls I can’t protect are safe from you.

    And for 14 years, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

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