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    I don’t know what’s happened to u since u came back you have been quite distant and I feel like u don’t really want to talk to me that much any more, I don’t know if it’s something I have said or done but if it is then i’m sorry.

    Maybe it’s just you don’t want to talk to me much anymore, but you were so different before u came back your messages to me have completely changed. While you were away u said u wanted to talk to me and miss me and stuff and now your back you seem different like u don’t want to talk to me or anything…that’s the impression I am getting so I won’t talk to you anymore because i don’t want to annoy you and if u want to talk to me then I guess u will and if you don’t then i’ll understand. I feel kinda sad at the minute I keep getting choked up over it and it’s stupid but it’s hurting my feelings because I don’t know what i’ve done 🙁

    Love ya loads anyway even if you don’t care

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    1. @Author
      August 20, 2013 at 6:44 pm

      Because a man can sense what their woman is feeling & they become unsure what their woman is thinking, wanting or needing and suddenly we are stepping on egg shells which you then have that feeling of fear which only makes it worse for he feels unwanted to pulls away emotionally which in turn as you have just said “In won’t talk to you anymore” which has happened to me so from personal experience if you love this man as I believe you do change your tune & you may get surprised as men are simple creatures & if explained in such a manner many an indiscretion or misunderstanding is forgotten. Well women never forget these things which makes me laugh as women are sometimes their own disasters when they manifest their own fears which “fear” is living in the future not in the present which can destroy a relationship before it gets moving. Just a thought…nothing more:)



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