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    I know that I didn’t want to really talk to you the last time you messaged me. I know you said my dirty texting used to brighten up your day, so how about this one??? I want you to find out where I live & knock on my door. When I see that it is you, I will pull you inside & push you down on my bed. I want to straddle your body as I take off your shirt and kiss you softly all over your chest until I move my mouth to the brim of your jeans. Hopefully I feel you getting harder from the anticipation as I start to unbuckle your belt & pull down your jeans to your ankles. I tease your dick with my tongue, getting your boxers wet with my saliva until I find the opening. I slide my tongue up & down your shaft as I place one hand on the base and the other on your balls. I move my hand softly up and down and spit on the tip causing a long string of saliva from the tip of my tongue to your dick. I wrap my lips around you and slide all the way down until I feel all of you inside my mouth. I slowly pull up & am ready to accept you between my legs. You pull my panties off with your teeth and lick my pussy making me beg for you. You spread my legs farther and thrust yourself inside causing me to arch my back and moan uncontrollably. You start off slow, but you go deep until you start getting faster. You flip me over and enter me from behind pulling my hair and slapping my ass. I take it like a champ and keep pushing back on you as you thrust harder in me. You put your hands on my tits and I can feel you getting harder & about to explode. I cum right before you & you pull your dick out and stick it in my ass so that you can cum inside me. I feel your cum gushing in me. You pull out & lower yourself down on me, we rest until round two 😉 Maybe one day this will actually happen & we won’t just talk about it…what do you think?

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