• Oh no it’s yet another letter, maybe I’ll get burned at the stake for this

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    Hey sexy,

    I’m mostly writing this letter to piss someone else off, but the main bullet point is still that I love you and will continue to love you. You can’t have any room to doubt that, you can’t. I can’t wait until we are Mr. and Mrs. Awesometon. Maybe I will be so cheesy as to get t-shirts made. I haven’t decided. Maybe I’ll just run around introducing you as such until people get all confused at our awesomeness.

    You make everything better. You make me feel like dancing. You make me want to do strip aerobics every day. Which is good because I have been and I think I am seeing some results. Maybe by the time you get around to coming over, I will have a terminator grade body. Oh but please don’t make me wait that long. I’m so ridiculously in love with you.

    I’m at the same place I was yesterday, except I had a brief run in here with someone I thought was you and then I got all giddy. Even though they say they weren’t you, it made me think about things between us and where we stand and what exactly I can be sure of about you. I can be sure that I am head over heels in love with you, that’s for damn sure. And really, that’s the one bullet point that matters.

    I want to take dancing lessons together so we can tear it up at our imaginary wedding. If you don’t get your ass over here, how is that going to happen, my love? How, I ask you? I guess I could dance around by myself taking dance lessons from the internet, but that’s just really sad. Or you could teach me whatever dances you want me to know and I will learn them that way. Oh that sounds like fun. While we’re at it, can we have awesome choreography? I always sort of wished my life would spontaneously turn into a musical and I think with you that can happen. I mean if there are two people doing it, they can’t really stop us. Bwahahahaahahah.

    Okay so this has gotten somewhat off topic from pissing off the whiny person who keeps whining at me to not write you so many love letters. Well too bad. There will be more coming. A whole army of love letters because that is how I roll. Once my heart is open, you can’t just shut it up. It knows what it wants and it’s waiting impatiently and loudly until it has what it wants. And what it wants is you, my love, my knight, my Neil. You and only you.

    I was talking today about how awesome it is to be in love with Batman, and it is, but sometimes I just want to kick back and spend a mundane day with Bruce Wayne, you know? No matter how much that guy can piss me off sometimes. Maybe especially because of how much that guy can piss me off sometimes. I haven’t quite got it figured out yet, but I’m sure I’ll let you know when I do. Yeah it’s because of how far under my skin you are, you silly man.

    I love you. Period. Paragraph.

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