• I’m sorry, goodbye.

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    I’m sorry that I’m leaving, and even worse, I’m not even telling you goodbye. Many times I’ve opened your contact and written you a long letter, only to delete it afterwards. I love you, even though you have found someone else. Someone worth your love. You make me happy, you’re part of the reason I’m leaving. I can’t stand to watch you with her anymore. It angers and saddens me that I can’t be that person in your arms. That the main reason you left was for her..

    I know you’re happy with her I know because every time you talk about her, you used to talk about me that way..

    You tell me your conversations with her, and I know that we used to talk about that stuff. I’m sorry that I won’t be there in person for you anymore, the heart-break is too much to bare. I need someone to need me like you used to need me.

    Maybe I’m just lonely, I haven’t said I love you to anybody else in over 3 years since you left. Saying the words out loud feels like sandpaper rubbing against my tongue over and over again. I’ve let my walls build it self back up again.

    Maybe when I come back.. if I’m lucky enough.

    You’ll forget me.

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