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    Hello Jo.

    Yes, it’s me. No, I’m not here to beg for you to take me back. No, I’m not here to tell you I hate you. I just haven’t spoken to you in a while (2 years 14 days to be exact), and I wanted to update you on my life, just incase you still cared.

    So since you left, I’ve been busy. I’ve picked up on grades, started making new friends. I’ve become best fiends, in fact, with your old friend seb. He’s quite nice now, and he’s over a head taller than me.

    God, how tall are you now? I remember having to jump so that I could get face to face with you. I haven’t grown since then (back problem, not important), but you’re probably a giant! I wonder if you could touch the roof in that closet yet. You were almost there before you left.

    Oh, that closet. I went there today, just to remember. It’s still got that mark where you kicked your toe and broke a chip of the wall off. The blood from your toe is still there too, however morbid that may seem.I thin I they scrubbed off our names though. Funny, they can get permanent marker off, but not blood.

    Speaking of blood, I broke my leg last month. I fell off that old fence while trying to get back into your old cubby house from when we were kids. They’ve kept it up, but I think it’s a homeless mans house now. He helped me when I fell off the fence. Funny how nice people can be.

    I miss you jo. Not in the tedious way that one misses a loved one. I just miss being able to be ridiculous. Like when I threw cheese at you in the shopping centre, and we got thrown out. And being able to laugh for once at something that’s actually funny.

    Come home Jo.

    We’re all still waiting. We forgive you.


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