• Faith

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    It’s hard to have faith that everything will work out between us. I try to keep my head up and tell myself that you return my feelings and that you love me too, but it’s hard when I have to go through this purgatory without you. I understand why you are doing it, but it’s so difficult for me. I pour my heart out to you day after day. I want you to know how I’m doing. I want to talk to you about the mundane things that happen over the course of my day. I miss you. My hunger for you is so great that I fear it will never be sated. I say that a lot, mostly because it is true. I want you. I want all of you. I want to dare to bridge the gap that lies between us. A gap of my own doing, I will admit. I am paying for it now, nonetheless. Paying for it in slow hours. Paying for it as I watch the clock tick away. You are like a miser, doling out scraps of love when it suits you. Regardless, I have no choice but to follow my heart and my heart wants you. You above anything else. You are all I can think about. It drives me mad.

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