• just reall?

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    The most important questions I ask people I usually already know the answer to. Not so much with you. At least not with enough proof to be sure.

    Now I have no clue what to make of our short conversation. You don’t know that I was screaming out to the universe for something anything from you to let me know if I should have faith or not. But I’m at a loss because of your reply. More so because of the non-reply to a direct question asked.

    Are you’re being nice and you don’t want to tell me you can’t recall who I am because then I’ll be upset and think I’ve gone crazy. Maybe you finally realized who I am and remember you hate me but know that would really upset me too. Or are you going to just let me keep feeling like I’ve lost my mind because the coincidences and casual remarks are beginning to overwhelm me.

    My reality is shaky at the present moment, and it looks like no matter the outcome I’m turning into a headcase. I’m trying hard to not feel anymore. I picture my love for you and force it back down into my heart like a genie into a bottle and then cap it. It’s helping a little.


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    1. britney
      January 5, 2014 at 8:58 am

      Heres an idea…

      Stop wondering and be up front. Maybe they dont pay the attention because you are too scared to take a stand.

      Just a thought.

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