• My muthafukin pterodactyl

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    Lex Luther
    I love that you’re my sister. I love it. Sometimes i forget that you and him are together, sometimes you complain too much and it makes me want to change the subject. I wish you had other people to talk to other than me… seeing how i am his sister too…
    He’s an ass can’t you see that? I wish he treated you better, you deserve better. Seriously. Can you just see how unhappy he makes you sometimes? It makes me sad to watch him hurt you over and over. I know you love him and i pray to god that he loves you too, but sometimes it’s really hard to see it. I want you to be so happy you can’t breathe. I want you to be floating on love.
    I hope one day you read this. I do.
    Love you,
    Lucky Penny

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