• Long Distance Disruption

    by  • August 17, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, Doubt • 0 Comments

    We just met and everything was
    Lighthearted, easy, carefree, natural

    We got closer and closer and were so
    Innocent, joyful, sincere

    You told me you loved me but had to leave so it became
    Passionate, frenzied, fervid

    We made plans so
    Ardently, faithfully, cheerfully

    You left me with promises to make me feel
    Safe, unafraid, loved, secure

    You leave and all I feel is
    Scared, alone, tense, apprehensive

    I tell you I am
    Excited, hopeful, confident

    You tell me you are too.

    We are separated by
    Miles, minutes, houses, beds, bodies, family, work, school

    When I see you I get
    Nervous, tingly, scattered

    And I become full of guilt for my
    Doubt, fears, skepticism

    You have my
    Trust, faith, heart

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