• I’m Yours

    by  • August 17, 2013 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    have left me in a dark place right now. Just when I thought there was hope you remain silent leaving me to see the void up ahead. Where are you? I feel so silly for posting those feelings now. Will I ever know your true feelings or is it fun just playing with my heart like this? There are no words. Nothing. Just an empty place where you were supposed to be standing. Perhaps my problem is when I fall in love I go straight into it and don’t sit back and think about the consequences before I move forward. Maybe I should be thinking with my head instead of my heart. I love you, but now I’m not so sure you love me back. How silly I will feel if that’s the case. If only I had a chance to get inside your mind and really find out how you feel about me. I thought you loved me. I’m only praying for something to believe in at this moment and thinking about you. I’ve waited this long that I guess I can wait some more until your ready to tell me. If it’s bad news please be gentle. I’m already thinking that it will be bad and you won’t ever feel what I’ve just come to realize. Unrequited love…I can already see it being born. Just once I wish you would prove me wrong by closing the physical distance and taking what is yours.


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